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Simon Griffee

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Communications Specialist

Telephone: +39 333 4928016
Blog: (design), (photography)
Github: hypertexthero
Twitter: hypertexthero
Homebase: Rome, Italy and the Internets
Skype: sgriffee


I have 14 years of professional experience as a communications project manager, graphic designer and web developer working with small and large teams in startups and organizations such as FAO, where I am currently part of the communications team of the International Plant Protection Convention.

I enjoy all aspects of web development from content strategy and information architecture to usability and accessibility and hands-on coding and design. I am capable of both developing the strategic overview of a project and also focussing on the practical details. I am passionate about the open web, clear communication, clean code and clean markup. Some of the things I’ve done:

  • Managed teams of designers and developers both in-person at FAO and locally and remotely in the course of various freelance projects
  • Conducted research and developed strategic documents and reports to promote brands and generate public support for objectives
  • Provided design support and technical advice on the creation and evolution of websites
  • Identified and advised on new tools and approaches to benefit corporate communications and advocacy goals
  • Hand-wrote HTML, CSS, JavaScript for a wide variety of websites
  • Designed, coded and deployed multi-user content management systems supporting features such as automatic user registration, document uploads, forums and API services using the Django web framework, Drupal, Wordpress and other systems
  • Designed and oversaw production of print and branding materials including brochures, logotypes, letterheads and posters

I'm interested in freelance work or a position in a good communications team.


Communications Specialist, Web Developer & Graphic Designer
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy
June 2009–Present (4 years)

Promoted the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) brand and generated public support for its objectives. Provided design support and technical advice on the creation and evolution of websites. Identified and advised on new tools and approaches to benefit IPPC's corporate communication and advocacy goals.

  • Wrote website HTML, CSS, JavaScript template code for Original templates and other work can be found at:
  • Designed, coded and deployed multi-user CMS which supports automatic user registration and document uploads using the Django web framework and Drupal CMS.
  • Wrote basic Django CMS which also writes static HTML pages for the website
  • Designed and oversaw production of print materials including brochures, logotypes, letterheads and posters such as IPPC's 2011 poster

Freelance Web & Graphic Designer
Hypertexthero, Worldwide
2005–Present (8 years)

Worked on a variety of web and print projects for clients around the world, from companies in London and internet start-ups in Silicon Valley to software teams involved with FAO and international schools in Rome.

Acotel Group S.p.A, Rome, Italy
2003–2004 (1 year)

Responsible for client-side accessible website design, mobile interface design, marketing and advertising multimedia campaigns and identity design of Acotel Group S.p.A and related companies.

  • Designed, coded and deployed one of the first web standards-compliant corporate websites in Europe at the time -
  • Designed graphics, icons and posters for mobile, web and print media

Freelance Designer
European Artisans, Various, Rome, Italy
1999–2003 (4 years)


English (written & spoken - fluent) Portuguese (written & spoken - fluent) Italian (written and spoken - good) French (written & spoken - basic)

Writing & Photography

I write about web and graphic design at and keep a photographic notebook at Some highlights:

Skills & Expertise

Communication, Graphic Design, Writing, Web Development, User Interface Design, Usability, Accessibility, Mobile First Design, Responsive Design, Information Architecture, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Django, Wordpress, Textpattern, Drupal, Unix, Git, Github, Apache, MySQL, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Textmate, Terminal


Bournemouth University · 1996–1999
BA (Hons) Creative Advertising - copywriting, art direction, marketing, digital design

Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design · 1997–1998
City & Guilds Diploma with Distinction in Photography


Photography, web, travel, open source & open internet, philosophy, typography, art history, nature, astronomy, ‘open world’ computer games, music, (blues guitar, jazz, classical), vintage aeroplanes, basketball


txp:hide The 2002-2003 AOSR calendar cover.

p(caption). Wall calendar cover.

A page inside the 2002-2003 AOSR calendar.

p(caption). Wall calendar spread. Painting by Rita Zimerman.


<txp:image id="33” />

<txp:image id="34” />

p(caption). Artwork photography, graphic design, layout and typesetting, printing consultation for the AOSR calendar (2008–2009 edition shown).

The ad promoting the ELMLE conference in Rome shows a typical mediterranean tree.

p(caption). Magazine advert promoting the European League for Middle Level Education in Rome, Italy. The photograph was taken in the Roman Forum grounds.

Cover of the 2002 Edition of the AOSR Literary Magazine.

p(caption). Literary magazine cover, 2002 Edition.


The ad promoting the ELMLE conference in Rome shows a typical mediterranean tree.

p(caption). Magazine advert promoting the European League for Middle Level Education in Rome, Italy. The photograph was taken in the Roman Forum grounds.

Mylius #

!/images/mylius/myliusad.gif (Mylius Condensed Sailing Pleasure advert with a can styled after Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Tomato Soup.)!:/work/mylius-ad

p(caption). Mylius full-page magazine advert published in Il Giornale della Vella and Solo Vela magazines. “See a larger image (Photograph of the Mylius advert.)":/work/mylius-ad.

!/images/mylius/myliusbrochure-back.jpg (Back cover of Mylius brochure styled after Warhol’s multiple Marylin imagery.)!:/work/mylius-brochure

p(caption). Mylius brochure back cover styled after Warhol’s multiplied imagery. “See the entire brochure (Photos of brochure spreads.)":/work/mylius-brochure.

h3. Mylius Yachts

Magazine advert and brochure design

h4. Problem

Mylius Yachts needed to update its image to differentiate and help distinguish the Mylius brand in the saturated yacht builders market. A principal brief requirement was to emphasize the flexibility of the Mylius 11E25 yacht model which had features usually found only in larger boats.

h4. Solution

Sailing art idea. Andy Warhol. Condensed Sailing Pleasure. Strong colors. Elegant implementation. In July 2005 Mylius sold their first yacht with the help of this ad and brochure.

h4. Work Done

Ad ideas, graphic design, typesetting and page layout.

Macchi Castoldi MC 72 #

The elegant lines of the Macchi MC72, the world’s fastest propeller seaplane.

Acotel #

A graphic depicting the Acotel website.

                <p><em>Website redesign</em></p>
                <p>The content of Acotel&rsquo;s website was tied in heavy, inaccessible, non-semantic markup which made the pages slow to access, difficult to navigate and problematic to maintain.</p>
                <p>HypertextHero took Acotel&rsquo;s existing content and released it into a logical, light-weight design built with web standards (one of the first websites built with web standards in Italy). The new design dramatically reduced page sizes and access times, made the site accessible to all browsers and internet devices and simplified its maintenance.</p>
                <h4>Work Done</h4>
                <p>Graphic design, markup and CSS, template development. <br /><strong>Note:</strong> <em>HyperTextHero is no longer in control of the Acotel website design.</em></p>
Confronti #

A graphic depicting the confronti website.

                <p><em>Website redesign</em></p>
                <p>Confronti is an Italian magazine which promotes dialogue between religions. The small staff have their hands full producing the printed magazine and found it difficult to keep their website content synchronized with print editions. The exisiting site archive was difficult to navigate and the website&rsquo;s look and feel was inconsistent with the Confronti brand.</p>
                <p>HypertextHero redesigned the site, bringing it up-to-date  with the printed brand and with modern standards-based design techniques including a clean typographical hierarchy powered by CSS. This made both navigation and reading of the extensive articles an easier, more pleasant experience for users. Textpattern, a simple yet powerful publishing system was installed allowing the busy staff to update the website quickly and without expert HTML knowledge. Powered by open-source plugins from the Textpattern community, the site archive became automated freeing yet more time for Confronti&rsquo;s important work.</p>
                <h4>Work Done</h4>
                <p>Graphic design, markup and CSS, dynamic template development and implementation. <a href="" title="Visit the Confronti website.">Visit site &rarr;</a></p>
HyperBelt #

Heads, eyes and hands are used to craft HyperTextHero’s work, with occasional help from expertly-kicked feet. Websites are built with “web standards (Find out why web standards are important at the Web Standards Project website.)": which are “good for your business(The business value of web standards.)": and for “us all (The architects of HTML saw we were going digital and sat back and took a long view. A very long view.)": This site is hosted on Textdrive and published with Textpattern.

Going To #
  • San Francisco, possibly Texas and Mexico.
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