Linked List: March 2006

Hot Mama of Invention #

National Press Photographers Association “Best of Photojournalism 2006 (Contest Designed by Photojournalists for Photojournalists.)": - 1st Place: “Conceptual Photographic Illustration (From the printing press to the light bulb porn is often the first industry to plug in and improve upon new technology. Via":

AK-47 #

“The Ak-47 as seen in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC(Democratic Republic of Congo), Bosnia and Rwanda ( - Teleshop - Guns for Sale.)": Thanks “Montana (":

Improvised Lightbox #

“Home-made lightbox for photographing small objects (Flickr - Table-top view of the lightbox.)":

Chameleon Logo, Cluetrain #

Maybe Google’s ‘“lack of design (Design Observer - Google and the Tyranny of Good Design.)":’ is good design, in that it differentiates it from all the rest. In any case, Google has been on the “Cluetrain (The Cluetrain Manifesto.)": from the beginning.

Gutenberg Top 100 #

“The top free books at Project Gutenberg ( - Top 100.)": In the same: “The Practice and Science of Drawing ( - The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed.)": by Harold Speed.

Places That Call My Name #
  • “Blue Lagoon (Blue":, Iceland. “Maciej Ceglowski’s on the same (Idle Words - A Morning In Iceland.)":
Eliminate Colour Gremlins #

“Technique to remove colour artifacts from digital images using Photoshop ( - Digital Artifacts – The Colour Gremlins.)":

Filter → Noise → Median. Set appropriate radius (Around 5 pixels, depending on the image).

Edit → Fade Median. Set Blend Mode to ‘Color’.

Against Superficial Gratification #

Design Altruism Project: “Small Kindnesses (Small Kindnesses category at - links to worthwhile design.)":

Imaginary Destination Lust #

“Fictional brochure for Ephemeral City (The Ephemeral City | Metropolis Magazine.)":

ATPM cover #

!/images/17.gif (The ATPM cover depicts the word ‘Macintosh’ in red, blue, and yellow bold letters emerging from a tangle of grey lines.)!

p(caption). Illustration created for the “March 2006 issue (ATPM 12.03.)": of “About This Particular Macintosh (The e-zine about the personal computer experience.)":

Bombing Murder #

“Why Grammar is the First Casualty of War ( - Why Grammar is the First Casualty of War. By Terry Jones.)":

Bearskinrug Illustration Process #

“Soul and body, dissected (Dissecting The Process - A classic Bearskinrug Article.)":

Things That Were Said #

“Zeldman’s writing again (Jeffrey Zeldman Presents - SXSW III: Things That Were Said.)":, and it’s good to read.

Doing Little Things With Great Love #

bq. “What has El Salvador taught me? In simple terms, you can make a difference in people’s lives no matter what your social location and cultural setting are. What is required is reverence toward life and an awareness that a better world does not come from sweeping changes, but, as Mother Theresa said, from doing little things with great love.” —“Jenny McGee (Design Altruism Project - Transformational Development.)":, in the “Design Altruism Project website (The Design Altruism Project is an attempt to create an interactive online community for the sole purpose of discussing the altruism memeplexe [Blackmore’s coinage] from the perspective of design.)":

License-Free Quality Fonts List, Font Explorer X 1.0 #

“25 good free fonts to download (Vitaly Friedman - Blog - 25 Best Free Quality Fonts)": Linotype’s free Font Explorer X font-management tool has reached “version 1.0 (Linotype FontExplorer X.)":

To Hell With the MPAA, RIAA #

bq. “And that’s really the problem, isn’t it? There are these industries of middlemen—RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America), MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America)—that claim to “protect artists” but what they’re really protecting is themselves. Artists (and I include myself in that word) need to rise up and tell these people to go get stuffed. We can decide when a mashup is perfectly fine with us. We can decide to embrace file traders to build awareness of our work. We don’t need you anymore. You’re just holding us back.” —“Derek Powazek (Powazek - Just a Thought - SXSW to MPAA: STFU.)":

Bought a CD from Sony BMG? #

“Get your music, fix your computer (Electronic Frontier Foundation - Sony BMG Settlement Info.)":

Comments #

bq. “Comments should be disabled 90% of the time.” —“Jeremy Keith ( - Comments on Community.)":

Layout Gala #

“Good starting point for web page layout markup (Collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup, with valid code and good cross-browser compatibility.)":

Google Mars #

“Mars through the Google Maps interface (Google - Mars.)": Found through the “Percival Lowell (Wikipedia - Percival Lowell.)": “doodle (Google - Holiday Logos.)":

Visual Complexity #

“A visual exploration on mapping complex networks (":

Macintosh Logic Boards, 1981–1983 #

“Seven vintage Macintosh logic boards (DigiBarn Parts: Group of Seven Macintosh Bare Logic Boards 1981-1983.)": Don’t miss the “Mr. Macintosh logo (Image of one of the boards, where Mr. Macintosh is etched.)":

First Things First #

Not all things are worth selling: “1964 (First Things First manifesto published in the Guardian in 1964.)":, “2000 (First Things First 2000 - A Design Manifesto.)":

Q Emulator #

“Run Windows, Linux and a other systems on your Mac (Q pen source emulator.)": Thanks Ryan.

Super Mario Bros Tablature #

Super Mario Bros controller tablatures and videos.

Blue Day for African Blues #

Ali Farka Touré “passes on (BBC NEWS | Africa | African star Ali Farka Touré dies.)":

bq. “For some people, Timbuktu is a place at the end of nowhere. But that’s not true, I’m from Timbuktu, and I can tell you that it’s right in the centre of the world.” —“Ali Farka Touré (Mali Music - Ali Farka Touré.)":

FunkyCam, Creativity #

Good photographs “are not dependent on equipment (Luminous Landscape - Do The FunkyCam.)": “Limitations (BussinessWeek - Turning Limitations into Innovation.)": are often “key to creativity (Teaching Creativity by Marvin Bartel.)":

Tour de Programming Babel #

bq. “You just have to be careful, because as with any other language, you can easily find people who know a lot about the language environment, and very little about taste, computing, or anything else that’s important.” —“Steve Yegge (Ex-Amazon developer, currently at Google.)":

Reminds me of guitarists like Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen—they play fast, know the instrument inside out, and it doesn’t matter. They have no “soul (Wikipedia - Albert King.)":

Getting Real Book #

“The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application (37Signals - Getting Real book.)":

Maeda on Education #

bq. “My father didn’t go to college, or even high school. Neither did my mother. I found it disturbing to realize that I am part of an industry that exhalts itself as important, which by definition must label the non-comformists as any less important. I have always tended to break things into black and white, when I know that I should think in terms of “gray (Wikipedia - Gandalf the Grey.)":” —“John Maeda (Maeda’s Simplicity weblog.)":

Balloonhat Experience #

bq. “In 1996, Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert began traveling to different places in the world to make balloon hats for people and take photos of them. The goal was to show people all over the world laughing and having fun, and to emphasize the fact that all human beings are born with the ability to experience “joy ( - What is Laughing?)":” —“ (34 countries, 10,000 pictures.)":