Landing Rate Leaderboard

The closest guess wins.

To enter a landing rate prediction for my next landing, use the following command in chat when I am flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator (courtesy of SimToolkitPro): !predict [-###] (remember the minus sign before the number).

Example: !predict -100 to predict a -100 feet per minute landing.

At the end of every season prizes are given to first, second, and third place. Anyone who gets a correct guess will eventually receive a sticker, if desired.

Please note that Hypertexthero’s streaming base is currently on the northern hemisphere of Earth, which explains the seasons of this “leaderboard”, and that although crashes usually mean a point is not awarded, Hypertexthero is the boss here and may bend the rules at times and decide to award a point to someone on a whim, depending on things like what he’s eaten for breakfast, the position of the moon, and other randomness ✨

Winter 2022

All Time Score

Past Winners

Fall 2021

Summer 2021

  • 1st Prize: WildCraze · MSFS BN-2 Islander
  • 2nd Prize: Schippah · IL-2 Sta, IL-2 Bod, IL-2 Kub
  • 3rd Prize: Icebird4all · IL-2 Sta, IL-2 Bod

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