txp:hide The 2002-2003 AOSR calendar cover.

p(caption). Wall calendar cover.

A page inside the 2002-2003 AOSR calendar.

p(caption). Wall calendar spread. Painting by Rita Zimerman.


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<txp:image id="34” />

p(caption). Artwork photography, graphic design, layout and typesetting, printing consultation for the AOSR calendar (2008–2009 edition shown).

The ad promoting the ELMLE conference in Rome shows a typical mediterranean tree.

p(caption). Magazine advert promoting the European League for Middle Level Education in Rome, Italy. The photograph was taken in the Roman Forum grounds.

Cover of the 2002 Edition of the AOSR Literary Magazine.

p(caption). Literary magazine cover, 2002 Edition.

# Monday, 9 May 2005