Pilot Physiology Modelling Coming to IL-2 Sturmovik  # 28 July 2019

From developer diary entry 227:

An advanced model of pilot physiology that includes complex fatigue modeling that takes into account G-overload fatigue, overload frequency, alternation of positive and negative overloads, wounds, having a G-suit, lack of oxygen and oxygen supply system. The model will also simulate a loss of consciousness and ability to control an aircraft after experiencing too sharp or too severe overloads. The algorithms it is using are based on the research of various institutes. The introduction of this model is likely to change the flow of air combat, especially in multiplayer. However, those who find it too difficult and unfamiliar will be able to switch it off as realism option (it will also be a server setting).

This is an interesting development that I look forward to test. I seem to remember that test pilot Stepan Anastovich Mikoyan mentioned waiting for a maneuvering plane’s pilot to get tired, though I can’t find the link.

The view distance for airplanes and ships, a ten-fold increase to 100km, is also a welcome change, and the P-38 is looking beautiful.