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Hi! I’m Simon, and on the internet I wear a smile and the name HyperTextHero, not spandex.

I was a web idealist when I thought of HyperTextHero for the name of a freelance graphic design studio, but have since found that it fits my passion for play more comfortably than it did work.

Video games have been a part of my life since the Atari 2600 and I love exploring these ballets of motion, sound, light, and interesting decisions.

My goal here is to play while chatting about play, music, sound, graphics, animation, writing, art, time, food, freedom, astronomy, gravity, the weather, and whatever else comes to mind to hopefully brighten our day. Too much work with no play is bad for our health, and I want to do my part to keep Play’s health and mana bars full when faced with Work on the other side of the screen.

Give me an infinite video game with things that fly like flight simulators in open worlds with plenty of light and weather, and I’m happy. Some favorites: Microsoft Flight Simulator, Balsa Model Flight Simulator, the IL-2 Sturmovik series, DCS World, No Man’s Sky, Generation Zero, the Arma series, and Elite.

I occasionally broadcast design, illustration, photography, music, cooking, and so on, though the study of play and the video game artform is the main focus here.

My internet live play broadcasting channel is You can find highlights on Twitch, most past streams on YouTube, and video game and IRL photographs on Instagram.

Whether you are a regular viewer, a subscriber, or a “lurker”, you are welcome here and your presence is appreciated very much indeed! Thank you for stopping by!

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My schedule is a little haphazard at the moment due to In Real Life events. I hope to return to a regular schedule in November 2022.

Unscheduled streams do happen depending on the position of celestial bodies and my own. Here is a webcal link to see my schedule using an application like Calendar or Outlook.

To receive an email when I go live make sure the bell icon Solid bell. is solid on my Twitch page (hovering your mouse cursor on the bell tells you if notifications are on or off). I also occasionally yell about going live on Instagram and Twitter.

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Instructions, Rules & Chat

Flying heart illustration.

To use the HyperTextHero stream, visit in your technological device of choice when HyperTextHero is live and observe the screen of your device and listen to the sound coming from its speakers. You can also keep the stream on in the background of your daily activities and listen as if it were an internet radio station.

If you choose to type in the stream chat I will be delighted, but please remember that kindness goes a very long way, and I or my human and computer assistants have Frost and Teleport spells to cast on trouble-makers. The rules:

  1. Please be kind to others. No bullies allowed.
  2. No hostile behavior such as racism, sexism, ageism, and so on.
  3. Avoid discussing politics, religion, or very controversial topics as these conversations are better in person.

If there is something bothering you in the stream or you have suggestions for improvement please let me know!

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Chat Commands

You can type a command in my stream chat and get a response from the computer. Here are the available chat commands for my stream. For example, to see how long the current stream has been going type !uptime in the stream chat window and press Enter.

Additionally, when I am flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can use the following, courtesy of SimToolkitPro:

  • !guess [-###] - Guess how hard my next landing will be. For example: !guess -100 to predict a -100 feet-per-minute landing. I maintain a guesstimator scoreboard that I update manually, with seasonal prizes, usually video games or simulator planes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  • !metar [icao] - Shows current METAR weather report for the given ICAO airport code, if any.

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Cheering with Bits

Pac Man.

You can cheer with bits to help support my stream and there are custom notifications for the following bit amounts (the first person to cheer a custom bit amount is also noted):

  • 2 - Yin and yang. 1st cheered by Ekeolnora
  • 3 - Triforce.
  • 7 - The Saint aka Roger Moore, 007. 1st cheered by Ekeolnora
  • 10 - Pelé. 1st cheered by CmdrSpaceDog
  • 11 - Sophie Germain prime number + Haydn’s Symphony No. 45. 1st cheered by Schippah
  • 23 - Michael Jordan playing in NYC. 1st cheered by Schippah
  • 42 - In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 42 is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, calculated by a supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5M years. 1st cheered by KirerWT
  • 85 - Rambo versus Computers.
  • 88 - The speed needed in miles-per-hour to go back in time in Back to the Future. 1st cheered by KirerWT
  • 99 - The 99th Fighter Squadron of the Tuskegee Airmen which served with distinction in Europe in WW2.
  • 100 - Usain Bolt running the 100m. 1st cheered by Schippah
  • 200 - Usain Bolt running the 200m.
  • 314 - Pi.
  • 332 - 332nd Expeditionary Operations Group. A fighter pilot is a combination of a mathematician, an athlete, a scientist, and a sharpshooter.
  • 420 - We’re jammin’ with Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia. 1st cheered by Schippah
  • 500 - Man running into moving Fiat Cinquecento.
  • 1000 - Dollar spiral. 1st cheered by Schippah
  • 1701 - The Starship NCC-1701-D Enterprise.
  • 1780 - Mary Fairfax, Mrs William Somerville, 1780–1872, Writer on science, plus Scotch Bagpipe Medley No. 1.
  • 2001 - A Space Odyssey.
  • 5000 - In the name of the Gods! 1st cheered by Schippah
  • 10000 - Mozart’s Piano Piano Concerto No. 21.
  • 56000 - 56K baud modem connection sound.
  • 65000 - Joe Daniels & His Hot Shots play Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand.

More numbers will be added in time.

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Redeemable Points

A flying hot pink H symbol for my channel points.

Even though you may have sinned, there is no need for you to pray or confess to the gods or even priests.

All you need to do is to watch the HyperTextHero stream, which earns you points called Hyper Texts that you can then use to make things like videos appear on stream when I am broadcasting live.

To see what you can do with your points click on the little flying H icon on the bottom-left of the chat at

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Base Subscriber Badge.

Subscribing to my channel removes ads (if subscribing without using Amazon Prime) and costs $4.99, $9.99 or $24.99 per month depending on the tier you choose. The price can also be lower depending on where you live.

If you have Amazon Prime you can support my stream with a free channel subscription ($4.99 value) once per month by linking your Prime and Twitch accounts. Click on the Subscribe button on my channel and then on the Subscribe Free button to activate, but please note that with Prime ads still appear.

Benefits of Subscribing

  • No ad breaks (non-Prime subs)!
  • Custom badges and access to a growing number of hand-made emotes to visually share your emotions on the screen!
  • Being a HEROIC GRAND BOSS for helping me do something I enjoy that hopefully brings more joy to the world!

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Tips & Donations

Super Mario World - Flying through coins.

If you would like to help my stream by sending me money directly instead of subscribing or cheering, you can now do so!

This is never required or expected, but always appreciated as I receive the full amount given minus a small transaction fee.

The money received replenishes Play’s health in its eternal struggle against Work, and helps to keep this stream of life flowing.

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Hardware Specs

The little machine I use to play and stream video games over to your computer screen is called Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWT. Click its name or the image here to read ongoing reviews of my streaming kit. I also stream from an M1 Max Macintosh laptop when on the road.

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Games & Goals

My illustration for an Arma mod of a mod called Antistasi Amazons.

I love open world games, flight simulators and rogue-likes, and you can expect to see the following along with surprise visits from very old and brand new things.

Game-specific goals have been added below each video game, and these may change as I play because life is messy:

  • Arma 3
    • Finish the Old Man campaign.
    • Win an Antistasi campaign with friends (done!)
  • Arma Reforger
    • Take over the island alone.
    • Take over the island with friends.
    • Create and publish a mission.
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    • Rid the ancient Greek archipelago of all cult members.
    • Finish the main story line (done!).
    • Give a tour of Lemnos island.
  • Balsa Model Flight Sim
    • Make a plane that flies (done!) and take off (done!) and land without damage.
    • Shoot down a belligerent balsa model aircraft with my own (done!).
    • Publish an airplane model and a scenario on my Steam Workshop (done!).
    • Complete the campaign.
  • COD Warzone
    • First place in a match alone on stream.
    • First place in a match with friends on stream.
  • Dark Souls
    • Finish the fucking game.
  • DayZ
    • Survive for 30 days.
  • DCS World
  • Death Stranding
    • Arrive in California.
    • Subdue aggressors by using boxes and climbing rope.
  • Fortnite
    • Numero uno in a match alone on stream.
    • Numero uno in a match with friends on stream.
  • Elden Ring
    • Finish the game, with occasional help from a friend.
  • Elite: Dangerous
    • Meet a friend in the void (done!).
    • Get a Guardian Frame Shift Drive booster (done!).
    • Achieve Elite status in Exploration, Combat, and Trading (done!) roles.
    • Visit the center of the Milky Way.
    • Visit Colonia.
    • Find another Earth-like planet and be the first to map it (done!).
    • Unlock all engineers.
    • Step out of the ship (done!).
    • Land in a world with a breathable atmosphere.
  • Generation Zero
    • Find out where the killer robots are coming from.
    • Get a friend to translate Swedish text in the game.
    • Play with a friend in coop mode (done!).
    • Finish the game.
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    • Bring peace to Auroa.
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
    • Get gold in all GTA Online flight school lessons (done!)
    • Find all collectibles.
    • Get all airplanes.
    • Get all weapons.
    • Stream all stunt jumps with a new character.
    • Help a friend own an aeroplane hangar.
    • Help a friend become a CEO (done!)
    • Help a friend start a motorcycle gang.
  • Hollow Knight
    • Finish the game.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Shoot a mechanical dinosaur with a bow and arrow.
    • Finish the game.
  • IL-2 Sturmovik
    • Fly with a friend on an online server.
    • Help a friend earn their first air and ground victories on an online server.
    • Become an ace on an online server.
    • Finish a default single player career.
    • Finish a PWCG career in “iron man” mode.
    • Take off, eliminate Boom! an air and a ground target, and land with each flying machine in the sim. Stream links to completed ones below:
  • Just Cause
    • Depose the dictator of Solis.
  • Jagged Alliance 2
    • Depose the dictator of Arulco.
  • Metal Gear Solid 5
    • Get a water pistol.
    • Finish the game for the 2nd time, this time on stream.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
    • Take off in a light aircraft from Rio de Janeiro and land on a remote airstrip near the border between Goiás and Bahia.
    • Take off from New York City and land on Cape Cod.
    • Fly low over the Tyhrrenean Sea.
    • Land in Lemnos.
    • Land in Bryant Park (done!)
    • Land on Everest (done!)
    • Fly around the world in a light airplane.
    • Complete a flight from engine on to engine off using Vatsim.
    • Complete all Steam achievements.
  • Noita
    • Finish the game.
    • Get a high score in a Daily Run.
  • No Man’s Sky
    • Find an Earth-like world with green fields and make a base.
    • Find or build a rover and a mech.
    • Build a structure that reaches the clouds, if possible.
    • Complete an expedition (done!).
  • PUBG
    • 1st place in a match alone on stream.
    • 1st place in a match with friends on stream.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Find out what happens to the protagonist by finishing the game.
    • Reach the highest level in each online role.
  • Spelunky
    • Finish the game.
  • Star Citizen
    • Take off in a space ship.
    • Land on another planet.
    • Land on a moon.
    • Complete a mission.
    • Disable an aggressor spaceship.
    • Get a kill without using a spaceship.
    • Takeoff in my Aurora when version 1.0 of the game is released, possibly in this lifetime.
  • The Division 2
    • Find a bandana or red headband.
    • Finish the game’s next world tier.
    • Reach the top of the 100 floor tower.
  • War Thunder
    • Unlock the highest Tier in a nation.
    • Get own artwork in the game.
    • Fly a jet.
  • Zelda: Breath of The Wild
    • Defeat Calamity Ganon and save the kingdom of Hyrule.

Here is one of my first test streams playing a closed beta of Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe’s wonderful new game Balsa Model Flight Simulator. Felipe is the creator of Kerbal Space Program and I am as excited for Balsa as I am for MSFS 2020, which I have been streaming, too.

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Chosen words from streams that made me laugh out loud at one time or another, ordered by chatter responsible for the greatest number of LOLs:


There is no impossible. There is only the unimagined.

Look alive, function check on the jumpdrive. Make sure she’s purring nicely. Commander on deck, look like you’re getting paid people.

Incompetence of the highest level.

This is the tower, whatever man, taking a break, over.

What it lacks in stability, finesse, controllability and airtime it makes up for in a sturdy frame.

!predict welcoming dutch barista not giving 2 shits a plane landed on his terrace.

Where is the American spirit here? AK’s and alcohol. I hear certain US regions consider that the meaning of life.

It’s the internet. You click links on links on links. Next thing it says you are dying. 2 minutes later you’re buying shoes.

It’s no bug. It’s Canada’s wall to keep Americans out.

I cut coffee, I do cocaine now.

Last time I flirted blinking they asked if I had something in my eye.

Us, the RAF, hereby award you the 500ton iron cross, please wear at all times.

Icebird is made of raw steel. He just sat there like a champ.

The content is doubtful, the flight is fail, the crashed abundant, the comments out of line, SHUT UP and take my bits!



Too much John, not enough Rambo. (Rambo 5 review).


Fly with Hypertexthero and you’ll never fly with anybody else again =)

One of my favorite things is to use words with their real meaning and confuse people.

Coffee isn’t my cup of tea.

Top-shelf incompetence



I can’t yell at this hour.

Bug reports via onlyfans, gotcha.

Beat them with culture and high fashion.

Ocean-themed fart, I took fire. (Google closed captions).

Mechanized Alpaca Neuronetwork.. aka man.



Brb powering down my gear.

Joan Rambo, the most violent Adult Mutant Ninja Turtle.

HAHA I recognise that you value aesthetic more than utility in games, i.e. light armor & football jersey in Antistasi.

Joan Rambo becomes Joan of Arc.

Man, your character is built like a tank.



Napolean Blownapart.

I dunno what they stand for really, but I’ve decided he’s Charles Delongfort Longbottom.

Well Halo there.



I’ll just drive around and blast your stream over my speakers.

Did you just say that the best thing you saw at the British Museum was the bathroom?

You can use all of them at once? Does that require using your feet? Feet for your keyboard, right hand for stick and left hand for controller? Nose for mouse?



The pie to the face protocol. PTTFP in avation acronym terms.

It looks like a wooden shoe from the Netherlands.

The music makes me feel we are supposed to think really hard about some one-million-dollar question.



I thought it was a lady. LUL. At one point I thought you were saying Consuela.

Is that a portable eclipse?



Work harder you lazy bastard.

If you really want to look like you’re at work you should wear a look of exhausted despair.



Text! The Sky Captain! Easy, breezy, beautiful!



Be upstanding for the honourable Lord Hypertext of Hero esq, Earl of New York, Count of cool. Coming to you by Royal appointment.



cm’on call schippa and say.. Hey you goldie space man whit sexy voice! Come and play that dante want to see some space buggie jump



Hope he shaved. we need a good landing strip.



What timing to fall in, “Sell used underwear”.



What is a cannon but someone who refuses to use a sword.



You know — I Follow Roads (IFR).



Ma quelli non pagano la bolletta da trent’anni.



Holy ship!



OUCH! Dang I felt that one like hitting toe neails on the edge of the sofa.



So you can perform old Far Cry healing animations on yourself?



Mom: Hits a slapping damage of 1 and a critical emotional damage of over 9000.


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Thank you

谢谢, Gracias, ευχαριστώ, Merci, धन्यवाद, Grazie, ありがとうございました, Obrigado, شكرا, Спасибо

I am delighted to have you here with me on this strange, beautiful voyage from home to such distances in real and digital worlds. Thank you for flying together with me!

An animated right wing made by my friend Andrea Sasso. Special Thanks An animated right wing made by my friend Andrea Sasso.

Andrea Sasso
Hugh “Jim” Bailey
Stéphane Pigeon

…and all friends near and far.

Thank you to all of our followers ♥

Peace out, and keep talking.