Linked List: November 2010

All Our Ideas

By combining the voting process with the open uploading of new ideas, this community of stakeholders was able to generate a ranked list that more truly reflected the opinions of the group. The top five ideas (shown below) will be presented to the education leaders today at the summit in Paris, and critically four of these five ideas were uploaded by visitors. In other words, these were ideas that the OECD did not include on their initial list. This example nicely shows how idea marketplaces enable new ideas to bubble-up, allowing groups to learn about things they didn’t even know to ask about.

The top five ideas were:

  • Teach to think, not to regurgitate.
  • Commit to education as a public good and a public responsibility.
  • Focus more on creating a long-term love of learning and the ability to think critically than teaching to standardized tests.
  • Ensure all children have the opportunity to discover their natural abilities and develop them.
  • Ensure that children from disadvantaged background and migrant families have the same opportunity to quality education as others.