Decentralised Content Moderation #

Martin Kleppmann:

I fear that many decentralised web projects are designed for censorship resistance not so much because they deliberately want to become hubs for neo-nazis, but rather out of a kind of naive utopian belief that more speech is always better. But I think we have learnt in the last decade that this is not the case. If we want technologies to help build the type of society that we want to live in, then certain abusive types of behaviour must be restricted. Thus, content moderation is needed.

Weekly Highlights 13, 14, 15 #

A few highlights from the past three weeks of streaming:

Been a busy few weeks here which is why I have been falling behind on the updates, but should get back to weekly ones the end of next week.

Happy 2021!


Weekly Highlights 11, 12 #

A few highlights from the past two weeks of streaming:

Regarding the ongoing Cyber-debacle, I have enjoyed moments of exploration in the game, but feel the release was rushed, and suggest waiting another year before playing it.


Goodbye, Chuck Yeager #

An amazing life.

Weekly Highlights 10 #

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

See you this coming week for a Cyberpunk-themed schedule!


Cyberpunk Launch Stream Next Wednesday #

I will be streaming an obscure new video game on 2020 December 9th at 7pm EST. Something about people with fun hair who love technology in a cyber hellscape.

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