Everyday life on different income levels

Anna Rosling Rönnlund:

People in other cultures are often portrayed as scary or exotic. This has to change. We want to show how people really live. It seemed natural to use photos as data so people can see for themselves what life looks like on different income levels. Dollar Street lets you visit many, many homes all over the world. Without travelling.

Has an AI figured out how to make a basic income for all humans work yet?

♫ Nature Boy

Nat King Cole’s performance of Eden Ahbez’s song.

Deterministic Lockstep

This is all way above my understanding, but:

Recently I’ve been playing Arma Reforger with friends online on a dedicated server, and when driving vehicles the collision physics are off, especially when driving fast, making the whole scene “teleport” forward, with frames lost and the vehicle reappearing in unexpected positions.

I wonder if this is related to this type of code. The game is technically out of early access, but there’s lots to be added still on the roadmap.

Hollow Knight Hyper Streams List

Many sequels to games you liked are coming out this year. You’re combing through the list and publishing articles with links to past episodes.

Also, getting ready for flight again, starting tomorrow.

Car Jump Distance Calculator

Via Antti Suanto’s amazing detective work to find two missing persons using a home-made remotely operated vehicle equipped with sonar. Potentially useful for Grand Theft Auto.

Hollow Knight

A screenshot of Hollow Knight linked to the HyperTextHero Hollow Knight YouTube playlist.

You played Hollow Knight, a challenging 2D “metroidvania” platformer, during a move from a secluded corner of a giganto city to the outskirts of a mini town, attempting to stream the experience with intermittent internet.

It was a difficult time for those closest to you. You tried your best to help. And you, too, felt alone.

One day you may return to this moist purple dusty darkness enveloped by beautiful sound, where charming bugs go about their business of life, struggling below the rocks and dirt of the asphalt, forests, and gardens of the overworld.

HyperTextHero Hollow Knight video playlist

˚ ✦ .  .  ˚ .  . ✦  
  . ★⋆. ࿐࿔ .  ˚ ˚   *  
 ✦  . ✶ . ✦ ˚  ✦˚ ˚    
    . .  ˚ .  ੈ  ✧̣̇ ˳ · ˖ ✦ .
KitHack Model Club Scenario Editor Overview

Just what the amateur aeronautical event organizer and video game player ordered. Via TrimBarktree.

War Thunder Mouse and Keyboard Controls in DCS

Someone appears to have made a War Thunder-style mouse and keyboard controls mod for Digital Combat Simulator.

Many people have mice and keyboards. Few people have joysticks, HOTAS, and other flight sim controls.

If mouse and keyboard control was an option in DCS it would make it far more accessible and many more people would play.

Valheim on Mac

One of my favorite coop video games can now be played on Macs.

MS Flight Simulator 2024

Another sim for my upcoming digital around the world trip out on November 19th!

I hope missions will be available anywhere you choose to fly, like Neofly but with better local grass, rock, and fauna graphics.

Here’s the trailer.

Heretical thoughts about science and society

Essay by Freeman Dyson from 2007.
There’s also a video lecture.

I will not attempt to summarize the lessons that my readers should learn from these heresies. The main lesson that I would like them to take home is that the long-range future is not predetermined. The future is in their hands. The rules of the world-historical game change from decade to decade in unpredictable ways. All our fashionable worries and all our prevailing dogmas will probably be obsolete in fifty years. My heresies will probably also be obsolete. It is up to them to find new heresies to guide our way to a more hopeful future.

Situational Awareness

What may happen with AI in the next 5–10 years.

The AGI race has begun.

Via Scott Aaronson.

The fresh work of those outside their fields

From the abstract of a paper by Feng Shi and James Evans that suggests the most impactful work is produced by people working outside their disciplines, “a physicist doing biology, to give one example”:

Drawing on tens of millions of research papers and patents across the life sciences, physical sciences and patented inventions, and using a hypergraph model that predicts realized combinations of research contents (article keywords) and contexts (cited journals), here we show that surprise in terms of unexpected combinations of contents and contexts predicts outsized impact (within the top 10% of citations). These surprising advances emerge across, rather than within researchers or teams—most commonly when scientists from one field publish problem-solving results to an audience from a distant field.

Via Rivka Galchen in The New Yorker.


User smeej in a good discussion about learning at home:

Eventually you come out of it and start wanting to do stuff again. It might be the same kinds of projects. It might not. It might change pretty frequently, because you’re still testing your new ideas against this new self narrative, and iterating on both.

Personally I went to a schools I hated, loved, and in between, because of many things, like number of students, distance from home as commuting in traffic is terrible, and, especially, the quality of the teachers.

And I walked straight out of the first school I was meant to go to.

Bellwright is secretly a lesson in good management

Sin Vega’s kick-ass review.

Trust: A long time to build, a short time to destroy

Jeremy Keith:

If I use a search engine I need to be able to trust that the filtering is good. If I look up documentation I need to trust that the information is good. I don’t expect perfection, but I also don’t expect to have to constantly be thinking “was this generated by a large language model, and if so, how can I know it’s not hallucinating?”

Trust is a precious commodity. It takes a long time to build trust. It takes a short time to destroy it.

I am honestly astonished that so many companies don’t seem to realise what they’re destroying.

The AI answers in Google search results thing reminds me of the Google+ fiasco in response to Facebook.

Krita Digital Painting Software

Open source software celebrating 25 years.

The Scully Effect

Representation matters. We can’t create a reality until we can imagine it. It’s up to us, the writers, to ensure there’s plenty for future generations to imagine.

It was my second year at university, The X Files was on every Thursday, and Marit, Christine, Cordula, Fredrik, Antti and I would watch together, eating takeout food. Good times.

The Scully Effect is out there.

Disappearing Weapons Generation Zero Bug

Update: It was user error! I had a filter set in the inventory for Quality: Worn so weapons of higher quality levels were not being shown!

Weapons disappear from the inventory and cannot be equipped again. In this case, a 4-star N60.
  1. I pick it up from a destroyed Tank.

  2. I can’t find it any longer, but it randomly appears while scrolling.

The same thing happened to an AT-WAD rifle and a Kotenok sniper rifle during the same stream of Generation Zero.

I have all the DLC except the cosmetic and Flakmoped ones, and have verified the integrity of game files on Steam.

Endless Sky

Free, open source 2D space trading and combat game similar to the classic Escape Velocity series available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also on Steam.

The Creative Act

Probably the best book about the creative process in everyday life and in art, and also the most positive, optimistic book I’ve read. Added to my list of books about thinking and learning.

♫ Siamo Soli

One of Vasco Rossi’s best.

Waltorious on Wild Metal Country

A video game player called Waltorious with seemingly similar tastes to mine wrote about this obscure game.

I have an original CD of Wild Metal Country, which I believe was a prototype for an in-house 3D engine that DMA Design made which eventually became the engine for the first 3D game in the Grant Theft Auto series, GTA 3.

My memory may be faulty, but that is what I remember, also that I enjoyed the game, especially the physics of lobbing shells at the other strange tankster robo wheeled thingy-magings.

Reverse Chronological Numbers in a Text Document With Textmate

  1. Open a new document in Textmate and add the amount of carriage returns matching the number of items you want.
  2. Top menu: BundlesTextAdd Line Number to Document.
  3. Top menu: EditSelectAll, then TextTranspose.
˚ ✦ .  .  ˚ .  . ✦  
  . ★⋆. ࿐࿔ .  ˚ ˚   *  
 ✦  . ✶ . ✦ ˚  ✦˚ ˚    
    . .  ˚ .  ੈ  ✧̣̇ ˳ · ˖ ✦ .
Apocalypse Tank Down

The twin-legged Generation Zero behemoth I ran into yesterday was an Apocalypse class Tank, which I later felled with the help of a robodog after a long shoot-and-scoot-cat-and-mouse game.

Geração Zero 7, 8 + Reforger 28

Two solo Generation Zero sessions versus robotos in the Farmlands and South Coast regions, and Thursday we had a surprise Arma Reforger cooperative mission with four members of Salary Team Six.

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