Even Data Handling Gods Need To Stay Cool #

Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWT has been updated with a review of the Noctua NH-U9S 46.44 CFM CPU cooler, a delightfully strange contraption.

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Guitars, Synths, Bows, Arrows, Streaming

A computer graphics tour de force.
The interior of a writer’s shed bathed in the delicate light of Red Dead Redemption 2’s wilderness.

I am typing these words to tell you that two creative arrows are being released to pierce hearts around the world in the course of this present day:

  1. Jenny O.’s album of music New Truth that includes a song with a synth solo with strong tendencies to make sensitive people cry, one among many delightful compositions and performances of sound.
  2. Guerrilla Games’ hero-with-bow-and-arrow-versus-mechanical-dinos video game Horizon Zero Dawn, finally in a version that can be run on personal computers with operating systems that are tolerated in order to play video games, also known as PCs.

I just bought Jenny’s album on Bandcamp, but will wait to get the bow and arrow game to give the poor programmers being whipped by Sony executives time to fix the technical trouble that some are experiencing.

Video Game Streaming

More news from my journey in the PC building woods: My hand-built personal video gaming and streaming machine is ready and outstanding and makes all of my video games feel brand new with liquid gold frame rates at high resolutions, so expect that post to be completed soon.

I had moments of doubt, but now I am glad I embarked on this hardware trip as moving further west while heaving boxes over rough terrain to avoid dying while stranded, battling my way through thickets of murderer robots, and having meetings during car chases all look and feel so much better now.

I am a very happy outdoors enthusiast, and agree with another one that when in doubt, you gotta move.

All that remains between you and I and interactive video flights from or to reality through art and play, dear home internet surfers, is a schedule, some technical decisions concerning my visage, and a short trip in the real world to visit two friends on a piece of land extending beyond the adjacent coast into the Atlantic Ocean.

Talk to you soon.

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Yarntown #

Old-school-Zelda-like video game in the spirit of Bloodborne.

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Flights Last Fortnight Tonight

Sorry for the silence.

I was busy hopping across the sky on a few flying machines that don’t flap their wings to visit my partner’s family and talk politics with a few Harley Davidson advertising volunteers.

Having returned to the city yesterday, this is, in the spirit of someone whose family name recalls olive pickers, Flights Last Fortnight This Afternoon in video games, flying and other things that interest Hypertexthero’s sole staff member.

MSFS, Damselfly, Hummingbird, Seagulls and Jets

With Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 imminent also on the piping hot game download service with VR coming later in the year I think it’s worthwhile to see what reality actually looks like from time to time, so here’s a short video collage set to some raw music I made showing the following in our surreal world:

  1. Slow motion video of damselfly taking off (a good demonstration of air being an elastic medium).
  2. Passing cloud on downwind approach to Grand Rapids airport.
  3. Improvised slow-mo hummingbird through binoculars.
  4. Um aviãozinho voando baixinho.
  5. Seagull traffic pattern at Far Rockaways.

I am excited about MSFS 2020 for the ability to spin our lovely globe and go for a spin in spinning propeller machines anywhere on it in any weather or time of day without paying for airplanes, tickets, fuel or insurance.

From recent footage airplane models seem a bit stiff, especially wings and landing gear suspension systems, and I hope these will become creaky and movy and IL-2 Sturmovik-like in the future since there’s nothing like leaving behind a landing wheel or two along with the coffee in the laps of air traffic controllers when you buzz the tower and are then forced to scrape to a stop down the runway.

Aren’t these stunts what video games are for?

Nuclear Disarmament

Elsewhere in video game lands hope for humankind as complete nuclear disarmament has happened in the Playstation 3 version of Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V, which has rewarded players with a new video cut scene, but no new gameplay content so far.

I have another reward for you, good game players, which is to tell you to go and watch Dr. Strangelove, a very good film involving flying airplanes with doomsday fire crackers attached.

Rural & City Kids Talking

A flight from this list’s subject matter in the form of a random idea I had during this trip while thinking about the lack of understanding caused by the quick-setting, cement-like conclusions of many:

A world-wide program where kids who live in cities spend a week or two in the countryside to see how people live “out there”, and kids in the countryside spend a week in a big city to see how people live in the urban jungle.

This program (does it already exist?) could also be particularly required for any elected official along with:

  1. The study and understanding of just how much money a very few people make compared to the rest of the society they depend on to make so much money.
  2. Reading Think On These Things (also on Bookshop and Amazon).

Could such a thing prevent people from being tricked into helping the greedy to elect incompetents who only care about enriching themselves and their donors? I don’t know.

Money & Balance

A softer conclusion found after asking an internet search engine why money is scarce for most people:

It’s a complex network of mental, physical and social energies, and I have focused on all three as I have progressed in my career. I respect all working people because they serve vital functions in the economy. I feel we have cancers choking off our economy right now and killing the genuine workers and thinkers. I believe that just as previous generations were limited by the gold standard, we are limited by the oil standard and that we haven’t even begun to tap our mental and social energies.

I personally want just enough money to raise my family and enjoy/employ technology; however I have no interest in unlimited money because I believe it is being misdirected and built on unnatural assumptions.

Basically we live in a world of energy, mental, physical, and social. Balance each and the money will take care of itself.

Whether we think current leaders do enough work for the society they lead, or we ourselves work too much or too little and whether that is healthy for us and society given our position in it, is up to us to decide and balance.

Comet Neowise

I leave you with the celestial long orbiter that visits us once every 6,800 years, recorded in bulb mode with my trusty Fuji X100S by sitting on a sandy lake beach and using a chair balanced against my chest as a tripod.

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Cadillac Assembly Line #

From Detroit, Michigan, I send you this Friday Song, a 1976 single by Albert King, the velvet bulldozer of the blues. It’s sunny here, I’m wearing a nice mask from Studio Holler, and will hop on another empty aeroplane soon. Peace out.

Really Bad Chess #

Chess with totally random pieces. For pocket computers.

Frostblade NeWT Update #

I just transmitted the following update via my other website on the internet for the hundreds of people emailing and calling at all times asking about Condensed Anthem Lazer Power: Frostblade NeWt.

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