Music Mouse #

Web Audio implemenation of Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument Mac software from 1986 written by Laurie Spiegel.

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Star Citizen Screenshots Folder Location

It took me a surprisingly long time to find an answer to this, so I am writing this down here, the Star Citizen screenshots folder location:


If you do not see a Screenshots folder there, take a screenshot in the game and the folder with your screenshot inside will be automatically created.

To take a screenshot in Star Citizen press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

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40 Years of Microsoft Flight Simulator #

The digital aviation gods are smiling because the 40th anniversary update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out tomorrow.

Designer Error #

TIL: Two similar cockpit controls in close proximity caused over 400 B-17s to crash in 22 months during WW2.

Via Ian Levy.

IL-2 Sturmovik Livestream Episode 1 - Brief Room #

A frank talk by Albert =Loft= Zhiltsov, 1C Game Studios director, and Daniel =Han= Tuseev, IL-2 producer.

I am glad work on the IL-2 flight simulator is continuing, with a more modern user interface (and maybe a friendlier editor, pretty please), and updates to the game engine including even more detailed damage modelling.

The team also emphasized that they are always looking for partners to do 3D modelling and map creation to bring new planes and theaters of operations to the sim.

Life Goes On #

Stewart Brand in conversation.

So when you think about a global civilization, does that mean that therefore it’s deeply fragile? Or deeply robust? Which lesson do you draw?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think that global civilization is robust, for some of the reasons we just discussed. There’s a fair amount of variety, and it’s one of the things that culture does. It’s one of the things that nations do. And even Jared Diamond’s book Collapse ends with him saying that all of these prior civilizations that collapsed didn’t know about each other. But we know about all of them, right? And ourselves. That awareness means that we do not take longevity for granted, which these other civilizations did.

And so in that sense, the concept of existential risk is a good one to have out there. It’s probably not one to obsess over. Yeah, things really can end, at any scale you want to think about. But at a giant scale there’s a lot of micro-robustness built in. There’s a lot of subsidiarity built in, of these various things operating regionally, at different rates, independently of each other. Or even contrasting enough between each other in terms of pace layers that the system can handle shocks.

GIF Animated Screen Captures #

I’m not sure where the name LICEcap comes from, but it is good and is available for Windows and OS X.

Via Simon Willison.

Murakami on Writing Simply #

Always a pleasure to read Haruki Murakami’s essays on writing.

How, then, can we distinguish between those contents that are crucial, those that are less necessary, and those that are entirely unnecessary?

One rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “Am I having a good time doing this?” If you’re not enjoying yourself when you’re engaged in what seems important to you, if you can’t find spontaneous pleasure and joy in it, then there’s likely something wrong. When that happens, you have to go back to the beginning and start discarding any extraneous parts or unnatural elements.

Video Games: The Future of Education #

Indeed, I think they are.

Slow Roads #

In-browser driving game with procedurally generated landscapes.

Sound #

Haven’t had time to study this yet, but whenever Bartosz Ciechanowski publishes an article, it is added to my to-read list.

Blip: See Your Internet Latency #

A nice tool I found while troubleshooting network issues.

The Sound of All Human Knowledge #

A fun challenge from the Wikimedia Foundation:

We invite you to create a sound that is global, smart, and familiar — a sound that will soon be recognised around the world as The Sound of All Human Knowledge. Your original submission must capture the essence of everything Wikimedia stands for. It should respond to questions like: “What is the sound of discovering something new?” or “What is the sound of trusted information?” or even “What is the sound of winning an argument?”

The winner will receive $2,500 USD and a trip to a recording studio to produce the final sound logo.

AI-Powered VR Video Games #

James Stanley:

Now put on your VR headset. Connect to your friend who lives on the other side of the world. Give it a world prompt:

I’m a cop, my friend is a robber. I am chasing him through the streets of Chicago at night time. In the rain. If I catch him within 15 minutes I win, otherwise he wins. Also we each have a radar on our wrist that tells us the direction to the other player. Go!

Even with things like Stable Diffusion and Copilot around I think completely computer-generated games are quite a distance away.

The nuances of human beings are difficult enough for us to understand, and these automagical technologies would run into the same problems of comprehension.

But we are living in exciting times indeed, and James’ vision sounds a bit like GTA Laugh Attack, today, at 2pm ET (1800 ZULU)!

IL-2 Lead Engineer Moves to Asobo Studios #

Andrey (An.Petrovich) Solomykin, the lead programmer of the IL-2 Sturmovik flight simulator is moving to Asobo Studios.

I wish all the best to Andrey, and am excited to see what he works on next!

Via StormBirds.

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