Hypertexthero Supports Cypheroftyr and Diversity in Gaming #

Diversity is the key ingredient for creativity and for life and I am delighted to support Tanya DePass aka Cyperoftyr on Patreon to help increase diversity in gaming through various channels, including Twitch!

Tanya is the founder and director of a non-profit called I Need Diverse Games and I encourage you to become a supporter, too, because our world is in need of more dialogue and less polarization, more diversity and less uniformity.

First Ground Takeoff in Self-Built Plane in Balsa Model Flight Simulator Closed Beta #

Here is a playlist of my Balsa streams.

Weekly Highlights 3 #

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

Spitfire dead stick landing and successful mail delivery in IL-2 Sturmovik. ¶ Landing at the American Cooperative School of Tunis with brief remarks about a French car that looks like an umbrella, a fuel truck, a touch and go landing on the roof of Bournemouth University, and a story about meeting Nina Simone in Tunis International Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. ¶ I’m an Okapi in a game called Everything that includes Alan Watts quotations. ¶ Flying a P-51 and attempting to lower flaps in Grand Theft Auto.

The Joy of Streaming IL-2 Sturmovik Flight Simulator #

My first stream of my favorite flight simulator.

Weekly Highlights 2 #

Highlights from this week’s Hypertexthero stream on Twitch:

Landing in a soccer field in Passo Fundo, Brazil. ¶ Turbulence and Zen Near Lombard Street in San Francisco. ¶ Second Landing Attempt in Bushrod Park in Oakland. ¶ Arma 3 Antistasi Livonia win! ¶ Finding a parking space at the airport and using a motorcycle to steal a jet in Grand Theft Auto 5. ¶ Didn’t win camera so stole idol and escaped rolling rock and ghost in Spelunky. ¶ Grenade mixup causes helicopter accident in Arma 3 Livonia Antistasi. ¶ First COD and chips Warzone kill.

COD and Chips Warzone #

My first ever streamed match. 7th place, 3 blasted opponents, one of which was followed by a phantom James Hetfield riff.

Should I get 50 followers in September everyone will be treated to a high guitar improv live on stream, so go SMASH the follow button on my Twitch account and come say hi on chat. ❤️

Grand Theft Airplane #

Using a motorcycle to steal a jet in GTA Online.

Passo Fundo Flight Plan #

For reference for the second part of today’s stream .

Weekly Highlights 1 #

Highlights from my first week of scheduled streaming:

1st and 2nd touch-and-go attempt on the UN HQ Secretariat building, finding Milton Glaser’s studio, and landing and takeoff in St. Peter’s Square, in Microsoft Flight Simulator. ¶ The damage modelling in Sopwith is better than in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. ¶ GTA Online getaway in the type of vehicle real criminals use, how to get a fast car for free in GTA Online, and how to meet your friends and avoid hackers in GTA Online (see also my blog post). ¶ NATO phonetic alphabet swearing in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the curse of Windows Focus Assist. ¶ Angering a god in Noita summons Daggerfall-like skeleton mini boss.

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