Waltorious on Wild Metal Country

A video game player called Waltorious with seemingly similar tastes to mine wrote about this obscure game.

I have an original CD of Wild Metal Country, which I believe was a prototype for an in-house 3D engine that DMA Design made which eventually became the engine for the first 3D game in the Grant Theft Auto series, GTA 3.

My memory may be faulty, but that is what I remember, also that I enjoyed the game, especially the physics of lobbing shells at the other strange tankster robo wheeled thingy-magings.

Reverse Chronological Numbers in a Text Document With Textmate

  1. Open a new document in Textmate and add the amount of carriage returns matching the number of items you want.
  2. Top menu: BundlesTextAdd Line Number to Document.
  3. Top menu: EditSelectAll, then TextTranspose.
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Apocalypse Tank Down

The twin-legged Generation Zero behemoth I ran into yesterday was an Apocalypse class Tank, which I later felled with the help of a robodog after a long shoot-and-scoot-cat-and-mouse game.

Geração Zero 7, 8 + Reforger 28

Two solo Generation Zero sessions versus robotos in the Farmlands and South Coast regions, and Thursday we had a surprise Arma Reforger cooperative mission with four members of Salary Team Six.

Jumping (1984)

A film by Osamu Tezuka. Reminds me a bit of the first part of this short by Saul Bass and Mayo Simon. Via Andy Baio.

Arma Reforger #27 - Escapists and ChaosToFreedom Coop

Successful 3-player cooperative action to escape in Escapists, and complete two missions of the ChaosToFreedom capture the island mod in Arma Reforger. ¶ Shout out to Grantalf for finesse in channeling of his inner mountain goat.

ΔV: Rings of Saturn

A screenshot of ΔV: Rings of Saturn linked to the HyperTextHero ΔV: Rings of Saturn YouTube playlist.

A chill, charming top-down spaceship mining game set in the floaty rocks orbiting Saturn, Delta V: Rings of Saturn by Kodera Software reminds me of Asteroids, SpaceWar and of a game called SubSpace that almost made me fail university.

It has fun patch notes written as if from its own universe, and you can even play it on a Mac, which helped me cool my mind while helping my mom during a difficult year.

My wishes for Delta V:

  1. Better sounds when firing mass drivers, with less treble and more bass.
  2. Planetary landings on a moon with rings and driving of rovers over 3D landscapes from an isometric view to mine and battle pirates. See the Ad Astra film with Brad Pitt and Wild Metal Country by DMA Design.
  3. Cooperative PvE multiplayer.
  4. Open source the Delta V code, perhaps as the stretch goal in a Kickstarter for a sequel.
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Through the Looking Glass: The First Mac Video Game

Made by Steve Capps, brought to mind by Rock Paper Shotgun.

Generation Zero 6 - Radio on Knee

Moving into Farmlands and South Coast regions to face the robominations and other bugs, remembering that this is potential practice. Once I finish Generation Zero maybe I’ll get a painting by Simon Stålenhag.

Star Citizen

A screenshot of Star Citizen linked to the HyperTextHero Star Citizen YouTube playlist.

Your words and notes about this space game that you’ve dabbled in and out of since around 2018 will appear on this page.

Gameplay videos will be recorded live on your HyperTextHero Twitch stream of consciousness and will then be posted into interconnected tubes filled with videos about you and this video game.


2024 May 20

Ongoing notes about the HyperTextHero Star Citizen experience materializing shortly.

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Starfield #41 New Game Plus

The May 2024 patch added new gameplay difficulty settings like enemy and player damage modifiers and food and hydration bonuses, which make Starfield’s game combat pace slower, more thoughtful.

Lucky me this patch landed right after I finished the game, so I can start a new game plus with the options set up for increased XP bonuses to get those skill-tree patches filled with color and character.

Coop multiplayer next, or some years down the line, ala Fallout 76?

KitHack Model Club Episode 3

The glider golf success, forgot stream intro scene, and toothpaste on the nose episode of my KMC streams, which includes two new suggestions for the devs:

Consider adding collision modelling to ambient vehicles and to pedestrians and their hats and things they may carry like ice cream cones, beverage containers, and paper plates with french fries.

I want to make missions with objectives like “hit the annoying delivery van that always drives too fast in the neighborhood” and “knock the ice cream cone from the rude customer’s hand onto the pavement” 😄

Couple of Chopper Games

👆 Thunder Helix, out in early access.

👉 Cleared Hot, coming soon.

I remember being out with friends in Bournemouth during my uni days, only thinking about heading back home to play Longbow 2 until sunrise 😄 Best helicopter game whose focus is not helicopters? Arma 3.

♫ Chevrolet

Looking forward to finally seeing Neil Young perform live.

Low←Tech Magazine

Solar-powered website with articles like how to build a small solar power system.

Via Jeremy Keith.

HyperTextHero Lego Camera Holder

The HyperTextHero Net Scape Raft Videocam Support System is a custom design to help steer through hardware and user interface noise and pollution using itself as raw materials.

It was manufactured for the HyperTextHero stream with cutting edge technologies including Legolass plastics and faux-leather.

The Videocam Support System features advanced maciOS iFon AI-powered adjustable shield balance control, a Cardboard Heavy Paper Technologies hull for optimal screen-top positioning, and a mementomori standard streamer flag for IFF.

Jumping through space, radio controlling vehicles in atmospheres, or legging it with heavy boots or 1980s All-Stars while needing to look at mutiple multi-function displays simultaneously? The Net Scape Raft will help you and your avatars.

In the high seas of plastic detritus.
In the high seas of plastic detritus.
Cardboard Heavy Paper Technologies hull for navigating seas and space.
Cardboard Heavy Paper Technologies hull for navigating seas and spaces.
Rear view of the streaming raft.
Rear view of the streaming raft.
Sky view showing the raft without the maciOS camera system.
Sky view showing the raft without the maciOS camera system.
Overhead view showing the raft with the maciOS camera system installed.
Overhead view of the raft with the maciOS iFon camera system installed.
The AI-powered shield balance system.
The AI-powered shield balance system which took countless minutes of continuous testing and a ballet of iterations to fully realize.
View from the cockpit featuring the fully-installed system .
View from the cockpit featuring the fully-installed system.

Love it? Hate it? So-so? Comment away, and see the results of the fully-functional HyperTextHero Net Scape Raft Videocam Support System cam holder live on Twitch.

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Echoes Part II

A song that makes me think of whales trying to talk to us.

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