Hypertexthero Linked List

The Hypertexthero Linked List is a list of links to other places on the internet I have published to or that have caught my attention on any given day accompanied by brief comments.

Aeromarine Airways Highball Express to Bimini.A syndication feed that includes both links and articles is also available and I can recommend Fraidycat to follow this website from afar.

Interested in a sponsored link in the Linked List? Here’s the process:

  1. I need to read and approve your content, which needs to match the main subject matter of Hypertexthero.com: Video games, play, airplanes, technology, design, education, travel, philosophy, nature, and so on.
  2. If approved, the link to your content is published with a brief description that I write using a few keywords that you specify. It is usually one paragraph, which begins with “Sponsored:”
  3. The link price is currently a one-time payment of $120.

I don’t accept article submissions, but am thinking of having monthly sponsors with a linked small image and text below the main navigation bar. If you are interested in having sponsored links to your content here please contact me.

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