HyperTextHero Linked List

A list of links to other places on the internet that caught my attention, or I’ve published to, on any given day accompanied by brief comments.

There’s a syndication feed that includes both links and articles and I can recommend Fraidycat to follow this website from afar.

Interested in a sponsored link in the Linked List? Contact me for the current price of sponsored links.

Once your content is approved and you pay, a title linked to the web destination of your choice along with a brief description usually consisting of one or two paragraphs is published in the Linked List and appears on the HyperTextHero homepage.

The title and description is followed by the words Sponsored by: Your Company Name, and the link remains on the homepage of the site for around one week, often longer, after which it is then permanently archived in the Linked List Archive, with no limitations to indexing by search engines.

I don’t accept article submissions, but will consider monthly sponsors with one sentence of linked text below articles if the content is of good quality, relevant to HyperTextHero, and made in good faith with respect to site visitors.

Linked List Archive