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Greta Thunberg: Time’s 2019 Person of the Year #

Greta won’t care, but dictators and wannabe dictators around the world will be upset.

Ad Astra #

David Ehrlich writing about James Gray’s new film, Ad Astra:

In “Ad Astra,” strength isn’t the opposite of weakness — strength is the acceptance of weakness. It’s easier to build a wall than it is to construct a bridge, but only the latter will ever get you anywhere. Gray took that idea and expanded it into a vaguely Oedipal space-age myth about the fait accompli of a man becoming his own father, and the heroism required to set coordinates for a new destination.

It is a moving film, with understated music and wonderful cinematography, starring Brad Pitt in top form as a cool-headed astronaut.

I liked it better than Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

Death Stranding Communication #

Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid’s creator, speaking to the Washington Post about his new game, Death Stranding:

20 years ago when I wrote Metal Gear Solid, the Internet wasn’t in full bloom. Back then, I was just predicting what the negative consequences of the Internet could be.

Today, we’re so close together on social media. It’s 24 hours a day, in real time. It may be too close. We’re so close on social media nowadays that people are wearing a mask, saying whatever they want. Because we’ve become so close, people are saying negative things easily. We communicate without considering others, and a lot of that has to do with new technology.

The original meaning of communication is to care and feel for others. Technology and the Internet has sort of carried us in the wrong direction. So in “Death Stranding,” with the indirect connections that the player has, I want people to rethink what communication — and to think about others — is.

But I don’t want the players to just feel like, “Oh, that was fun.” I want them to feel something more, because I feel obliged to do so since I’m taking up so much of their time. So what they learn and feel in the game world, I want them to use in the real world as well.

The First All-Woman Spacewalk #

Congratulations to astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir and to NASA for this milestone in our journey to a better world for our species, where each person can fulfill their potential.

As much as it’s worth celebrating the first spacewalk with an all-female team, I think many of us are looking forward to it just being normal,” veteran astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson said on NASA’s live coverage of the spacewalk.

I think if it signifies anything,” she added, “it is to honor the women who came before us, who were skilled and qualified — and didn’t get the same opportunities we get today because it is so normal.”

Earth and Sun #

Wonderful interactive visualizations of our home in the cosmos.

Experimental Aircraft Association Looks at New Microsoft Flight Simulator #

Longtime Microsoft employee Jorg Neumann was working with developers from Asobo on a project for Microsoft HoloLens, a wearable display that offers immersive “mixed reality” experiences. The project was a virtual tour of Machu Picchu in Peru using imagery from Bing to completely re-create the famous site. This gave Jorg an idea: If they could create convincing real-world scenery of one area, could they do that for the whole planet? If they could, then they’d have the basis for a remarkable and long-awaited return of Flight Simulator.

If we could use a flight simulator to fly over the entire Earth with near real-time scenery taken from recent satellite images, would we be moved to make decisions in our lives that help preserve the natural environment?

See a Satellite Tonight, No Telescope Required #

Wonderful website.

Aircraft Carrier Landing 1986 vs 2019 #

Maybe we do live in a simulation.

Helicopter Flight to Friend’s House #

One of a long series of wonderful videos by helicopter pilot Maria Langer, who also writes extensively.

3D Visualization of Air Traffic #

I like the one showing holding, approach and take off patterns over a small airport. See also Rosa de los Vientos.

Global Wind Map #

A visualization of global weather conditions, which affect runway architecture.

Mysterious Missing Airplanes #

Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer:

Using the faintest of photographic clues as inspiration, one of history’s greatest treasure hunters may be on the brink of explaining one of the 20th century’s enduring mysteries. Robert Ballard, the man who found the Titanic, is hot on the case of the mysterious disappearance of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, looking for her Lockheed on the slope of an underwater volcanic mountain.

Personal Pictures in IL-2 Sturmovik Cockpits #

Another popular request has been the ability to place a personal picture in the cockpit of your plane. We have now added this capability.

These are the kind of details we need more of in simulations, that help personalize the world and bring it alive for the player.

If you have not played this wonderful flight simulator yet, an “Endless Summer Sale” is now on, with as much as 66% off the base game.

A Spitfire Girl #

The story of Mary Wilkins Ellis, RAF Air Transport Auxiliary WW2 pilot.

On one occasion Mary delivered a Wellington bomber to an airfield, and as she climbed out of the aircraft the RAF ground crew ran over to her and demanded to know where the pilot was! Mary said simply: “I am the pilot!” Unconvinced the men searched the aircraft before they realized a young woman had indeed flown the bomber all by herself.

After the war Mary managed Sandown Airport, an airfield at the Isle of Wight. She died in 2018.

Tacview #

Read and record flight data from popular flight simulators like IL-2 Sturmovik and DCS World. Found via Requiem’s latest video: Defensive Spiral.

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