Linked List: July 2024

A Playful Path

Game maker and player Bernie DeKoven:

The basic idea of New Games is that…It’s not the game so much that’s new, it’s the attitude that people have towards playing it. Where even though we may be playing competitively, we’re not really playing against each other. We’re playing with each other. So it doesn’t really matter what game you play, you could even be playing football, but there’s a tone in the way the game is being played, that is clear that the people who are playing it are more important than the game that’s being played.

Keep thoughts open and go outside, or inside, and play.

♫ Satellite

By Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions.


NASA tool to transform a map image into different projections.

Pixii Max Digital Rangefinder Camera

Half the price of a digital Leica M, full-frame, uses M-mount lenses, no digital screen, connects to your phone via wifi.

The small team seems good, et j’espère qu’ils s’en sortiront bien!

Leicas cost too much and their batteries don’t last which is why I shoot mostly with Fuji X100s now, though I miss a mechanical rangefinder when out in the wind.

What Bennet Foddy is currently reading

From the What’s on your bookshelf series over at RPS:

First of all I have to admit I feel like a bit of a charlatan answering these questions because I didn’t read anything for years, burned out from a career in academic philosophy and too besotted with games and film to look elsewhere. But I’ve picked up the habit again over the last couple of years, and at the moment I’m picking at Mary Beard’s The Fires Of Vesuvius, a historical book about Pompeii that I got started on when I visited the ruins there recently. Friends may lampoon me for embodying the ’men thinking about the Roman Empire’ trope, but at least Mary Beard thinks about it more than I do.

How to Grow a Community

Freedom of access. A strong community has to be physically and intellectually diverse. This is a basic lesson from smart crowd theory: too many people with the same mindset and background will make large, well-argued, and elegantly executed mistakes. You need the challenge that ignorance can bring. So removing barriers to entry lets you bring in more diversity.