Design Project Brief

Whether you need graphic design, web design, or writing, you may have found the right person for the job!

With answers to the following questions we can find out whether we’d be a good match, and if so, I can make a proposal and cost estimate that meets your specific needs.

Please send an email with your answers to and allow one week for a response.

Your name and title.

Your email address.

Your Organization
Briefly, who are you, what do you do, why does it matter? If you have an existing website, what is its URL?

Concept, Product, Service & Medium
Please describe the concept, product or service you intend to promote and the medium you have in mind for the project (logotype, website, poster, print ads, etc).

How much you want to spend on the project?

Do you have a timeline in mind for the project? When does the project need to be finished?

Who are they? What do they do? What do they think and feel?

What primary goal do you wish to accomplish by promoting your concept, product or service to your audience?

Tone of Voice
Describe the feel you wish your concept, product or service to evoke in your audience. Warm? Serious? Playful? Hi-tech? Humorous? Classic? Modern? Understated? Punk rock? Hip hop? Something else?

Additional Notes
Please use as much detail as you need.