About HyperTextHero

Self-portrait with pencil, 2019.

This is a place for writing about flights between realities especially as experienced through computer simulations and video games where one can be a hero or fool without risk of getting hurt.

Fighting battles and wars in real worlds is tiring, and most often futile, and I wish everyone would use simulations and play to vent their fury instead.

Since we don’t, I practice for a time I may need to help defend Earth from humans, zombies, aliens, asteroids or viruses by writing and playing while talking on the internet, and my primary goal is to contribute to a world where kindness, relationships, and skills are valued more than status, careers, and money.

You can correspond with me by writing an email to simon@hypertexthero.com, and receive a weekly email with any updates to this website by subscribing to my mailing list. I also have a personal website and Twitch, YouTube, Mastodon, and Instagram internet interactive television channels.

If you enjoy my work please consider following my channel at twitch.tv/hypertexthero and becoming a patron at Patreon. This helps me continue making things I hope brighten life with light from suns and lamps, zaps and bolts of magic, and firebally explosions.