Linked List: April 2021

InfiniteVidia Gulf-Echo Force Twenty-Seventy S

Encouraged by W. T. Kirer’s and TimmyThumb’s curiosity, InfiniteVidia Gulf-Echo Force twenty-seventy S should soon appear in world internet web search engine results.

Weekly Highlights 23, 24

A few highlights from the past two weeks of streaming:

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Alpha: Hanging out at the bar, running with a lazer rifle, going on a foot mission with a friend for the first time, admiring the animation of the launcher that lobs rockets toward hapless NPCs. Observing other artificially intelligent footpath walkers like Administrator Gianni, an unlucky volted scientist, and Point of Interest guards who said hello with bullets, lazer, plasma and rocket fire. Cutting into a crashed ship’s storage compartment and putting my spacelegs on an SRV. Asking Admiral Schippah to solve a problem with brute force, and later observing the effect of the same on his ship after a low pass sonico boom. Welcoming new stream visitor RazWasabi, visiting sickbay, shutting down a dilithium crystal chamber, slipping and almost falling IRL, and finally completing a mission in the Elite: Odyssey Alpha.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Seeing Flintstones landing gear during Forder’s flight in Costa Rica, finding treasure in the Sahara desert in Neofly career mode. Losing a fuel gamble, performing a night touch and go, a diversion for fuel and night landing with help. Watching the moon rise and getting raided by SeedyL at the end of my Cuckoo 172 20 hour flight from Perth to Sydney.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Narrowly missing V with a flying car and getting to a chopper.

Valheim: Asking skeleton pests from another world to go away.

Soon I will need to go on the road again, and the schedule may be disrupted. I am working on possible remote streaming solutions.

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