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On Saturday, at 8:00am Australia Western Standard Time (0000Z), I will be flying a Cessna 172 from Perth (YPPH) to Sydney (YSSY) on what will be a 16–24 hour stream in the 2021 Microsoft Flight Simulator Charity Endurance Race Series Event 1: Indian Pacific Wing Race to benefit Australia’s excellent Royal Flying Doctor Service, organized by the excellent SeedyL and FactualGull team!

There is still time to sign up to take part, but the deadline is coming up in a few hours at 2359 ZULU time today, 2021 March 28th, so hurry up if you want to get up and go.

Throughout this week I will be updating this post with more information, including my in-development flight plan, and linking to preparation streams where I haphazardly stumble through manuals, software, and flying aeronav geekery to prepare. Sorry! Here is a video tutorial about making a flight plan for MSFS2020 with Little Navmap (thank you, Howard)!

After a crash-landing in the outback due to a lost fuel gamble, a hard PC freeze over the Great Australian Bight, night touch and go landings, and help from kind fellow flyers after in-flight diversions for fuel, I made it!

Thanks for coming along, and follow my stream for peeks into fantastic future flying metal bird aerodynamic movimentos!

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