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My first screenshot of Arma Reforger. It’s Arma, so better get used to lying down behind soldiers’ butts.

Excellent sound. Good lighting (though sunset and sunrise transition is too sudden and not gradual).

Good environment and apparent extensive modding possibilities with the editor, though documentation seems sparse at the moment, though it is improving.

Weighty vehicles. Nice helicopters!

No PvE or Coop with saved progress. Can’t save progress when playing in coop or solo in Conflict game mode?

PvP is toxic with poor moderation tools.

Bushes only move out of the way of player when crawling in a field. All bushes should have moving-out-of-the-way animation when player passes through them. See Crysis, Far Cry 2 for good examples.

No women present. Ignores 50% of population and potential gamers.

Love the dynamic ambient music!! More of this, please!


Gameplay option setting for sound effect upon successful bullet strike on enemy, even if distant, like in the Ghost Recon, Starfield, and the best at this sort of thing: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Different sounds for hitting armor, helmet, and so on. Audio feedback greatly improves gameplay.

Initial focus should be PvE/Coop, not PvP (thank you for adding the Combat Ops Arland PvE game mode!)

Birds, preferably real in-game models, perched in trees have a chance to fly away when player approaches, especially when player steps on a branch that makes a cracking sound. This alerts AI (and other players in PvP). An early version of this is now in the game, thank you!

Tracker AI archetypes: A settable or random chance of an AI being an expert “tracker” archetype, with an ability to find the player more easily by seeing footprints.

Hosted games need the ability to be password-protected.

Flares need to be implemented. Just make a PvE DayZ in this engine, already, please, modders :)

Mechanic where time crawling in dirt, explosions, rain, and so on, causes grime to build up on rifle optics. Need to press button to wipe optic to clear.

Consider hiring Rydygier to make the Pilgrimage mission for Reforger and Arma 4 as a Single-Player/Coop PvE game mode, and hiring the Antistasi team to make an Arma 4 PvE coop campaign.

Congratulations to the Bohemia team for leaving Early Access. Looking forward to the mods by the community, especially DayZ or Antistasi-like stuff, and to Arma 4!

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