AI-Powered VR Video Games ➶

James Stanley:

Now put on your VR headset. Connect to your friend who lives on the other side of the world. Give it a world prompt:

I’m a cop, my friend is a robber. I am chasing him through the streets of Chicago at night time. In the rain. If I catch him within 15 minutes I win, otherwise he wins. Also we each have a radar on our wrist that tells us the direction to the other player. Go!

Even with things like Stable Diffusion and Copilot around I think completely computer-generated games are quite a distance away.

The nuances of human beings are difficult enough for us to understand, and these automagical technologies would run into the same problems of comprehension.

But we are living in exciting times indeed, and James’ vision sounds a bit like GTA Laugh Attack, today, at 2pm ET (1800 ZULU)!

✶ Friday, 23 September 2022

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