GTA Laugh Attack

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Eliminate Hypertexthero’s avatar while following certain rules and win a Twitch subscription to Hypertexthero or any other Twitch channel you like!

GTA Laugh Attack usually happens on Sundays at 3pm NYC/ET.


A combination of the following rules will be chosen and stated before the beginning of each round. The rules will change and develop as we play and think of more ideas.

  1. No ranged weapons allowed, whether on foot or in vehicles.
  2. No armored cars. For instance, no Nightshark or armored Kuruma.
  3. Ranged weapons are allowed, but only to disable vehicles (eliminating the target avatar with a ranged weapon is not allowed).
  4. Pistols only (no automatic pistols).

Also, please remember that no hacks or mods are allowed at this time. Perhaps in the future we can explore scenarios with custom servers, modifications, and so on.


To participate in a GTA Laugh Attack:

  1. Follow Hypertexthero on Twitch if you haven’t yet.
  2. Send a friend request to Hypertexthero in Rockstar Social Club.
  3. During a Hypertexthero live stream, type in chat that you have sent a Rockstar Social Club friend request telling us your Rockstar Social Club username.

I will accept the request and you can then join my game by pressing Esc, navigating to the Online tab, and clicking Join Friends.


Here are the winners so far, with the number of wins indicated.

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