Arma Reforger Update 1.1 ➶

Resistance Ops coop PvE scenario for up to 5 players on the large Everon Island, basically AntiStasi in Reforger!

I’m particularly interested in the lighting…

Lighting both indoors and out has been significantly improved. Overall, the lighting is more vibrant, which is especially noticeable during the picturesque sunrises and sunsets of Arland and Everon. New clouds with more authentic and variable shapes cast more explicit shadows in cloudy weather. In addition, the lighting coming into buildings from the outside is more explicit, and foliage obstructs sunlight much more naturally, even from a distance.

…and AI improvements:

This update has introduced two crucial improvements to AI behavior making non-human players more formidable adversaries on the battlefield. They now demonstrate improved tactics like seeking cover from fire and employing smoke grenades when aiding downed comrades. These new behaviors are very noticeable in-game, and we think you will find your AI opponents (and teammates) to be much more effective combatants.

✶ Wednesday, 13 March 2024

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