Linked List: April 2015

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Margaret Hamilton During the Apollo Program

Margaret Hamilton

Taken by the Draper Lab photographer in 1969 (during Apollo 11). Here, Margaret is shown standing beside listings of the software developed by the team she was in charge of, the LM and CM on-board flight software team

What a great photograph!

A Map That is Just Good Enough

Reminds me of Alex Martelli’s talk in EuroPython 2013.

Deep Space Climate Observatory

Falcon 9 carrying DSCOVR, 2nd stage with Earth in background (16673034486)

Falcon 9 carrying DSCOVR, 2nd stage with Earth in background. By SpaceX, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite launched just two months ago and will reach its designated orbital position approximately one million miles from Earth in June. I’m looking forward to seeing its pictures of our planet!

Via Neil Fraser.


Thanks to encouragement from a friend I’ve been working on my site design and exploring CSS3 animation.

I apologize if I cause your computer’s fans to speed up while experimenting here. Browsers seemingly still need to be optimized to run the effects efficiently, without burdening the processor, though it is most likely me causing issues :)

Much like developing a photograph from the negative or raw file, designing a good website involves subtle changes, not too much and not too little, but just right. As the great designer Milton Glaser put it, just enough is more (PDF 176kb).

This Land is Mine

Incredible work by Nina Paley, who Amber introduced to me through Sita Sings The Blues.

Avoid Gratuitous Negativity

The key word here is ‘gratuitous’.