Linked List: May 2022

Goodbye, Vangelis

I was introduced to Vangelis’ work through Blade Runner’s beautiful score. A visionary of sound.

The Making of Grand Theft Auto

I bought the original GTA after seeing the box in a shop called Game in Bournemouth, England. I had never heard of it, and neither had anyone else.

What Game Are You Playing?

Microsoft Flight Simulator, cleaning apartment, DCS, feeding cats and cleaning litter box and spending time giving them attention, IL-2 Sturmovik, walking in the forest nearby, Elden Ring, cooking a large enough lunch so leftovers will last for a few more meals, Noita, personal website gardening, Zelda BoTW, photographing out on the streets, that Open Golf game that was on the front page the other day, playing guitar, No Man’s Sky, calling friends and family, Arma coop with friends, drawing and setting type, Project Zomboid, one day at a time, Balsa Model Flight Simulator, thinking about kindness towards others no matter what, Elite: Dangerous, reading a book now and again, trying to make the most of limited time on dust speck floating about space and to remember that happiness is momentary. Keep talking. When in doubt, move.

Epidemic Sound Personal Price Reduction

If you signed up for the Personal subscription tier of Epidemic Sound music for streaming a while back, cancel your subscription and then resubscribe when the term runs out to get a reduced price of $9 per month instead of $15 per month.

I didn’t receive a notice about the change from Epidemic Sound and had to contact support to learn how to get the lower price.

Work Isn’t War

Corporate language is filled with metaphors of war. Companies “conquer” the market, they “capture” mindshare, they “target” customers, they employ a sales “force”, they hire “head-hunters”, they “destroy” the competition, they pick their “battles”, and make a “killing”. That’s an awful paradigm and we want nothing to do with it. Work isn’t war. We come in peace.

The Aesop for Children

Aesop for Children contains the text of selected fables, color pictures, video, and interactive animations, and will be enjoyed by readers of any age.

“Aesop’s Fables”—also called “the Aesopica”—are a collection of stories designed to teach moral lessons credited to Aesop, a Greek slave and story-teller thought to have lived between 620 and 560 BCE.