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Gabe Newell on the Steam Deck

An interview with the Gandalf of computer games.

Nuclear Armament and the Absurdity of War

The Daily Fig staff on The Butter Battle Book, by Dr. Seuss:

It starts innocently enough. A grandfather takes his grandson for a walk alongside an enormous wall that separates two people. The difference between the groups? Yooks eat their bread with the butter on top — Zooks with the butter on the bottom.

The moral of this story is crystal clear: Our real-life systems of nationalism, militarization, and escalation are comically absurd and potentially lethal — it’s up to the youth to change the systems before it’s too late. It’s a message that makes sense coming from the author who once famously remarked that he’d “rather write for kids. They’re more appreciative; adults are obsolete children, and the hell with them.”

People in Russia: Stop the War

President Zelenskyy, in his speech to people in Russia:

I know that my speech will not be aired on Russian television. But the citizens of Russia have to see it. They need to know the truth.

And the truth is, that this needs to stop, before it’s too late. And if the authorities of Russia don’t want to talk to us, for the sake of peace, maybe they will talk to you.

If you want to see what war is like, look at the things currently being posted to CombatFootage. Be warned. Be careful. It is ugly.

There are also moments like these, that show the absurdity of this war started by an old bully and his greedy, cowardly associates:

Civilian 1: …You’re back, I’ve come over. (The civilian asked the soldier something, it is not clear).

Russian Soldier 1: No.

Woman: Oh god.

Russian Soldier 1: We are holding position.

Civilian 1: How many people were there?

Russian soldier 1: There is one Company (military unit). Only four Company (military unit). We have more positions there (Shows with his hand) There, there, there.

Civilian 1: Is there anything along the Keremey village? Keremey, there is a brick factory.

Russian Soldier 1: I don’t know, there aren’t any of us there.

Civilian 1: So guys, I’m seriously telling you: If you are attacked and you will not cope with the attack, drop your weapons on the spot, take off your protection, helmets and surrender with your hands up. I have a loaded rifle, if someone resists, I don’t care (fuck) I’m responsible for my words.

Russian soldier 1: Clearly (nods).

Civilian 1: You surrender, I’m locking you up in a warehouse. Ukrainian troops arrive and we hand you over to them. If you want to live. If not, it’s your choice. I will shoot you from here. All clear?

Russian Soldier 1: Yes. (nods).

Civilian 1: Agreed.

Russian soldier: As I understand it, if our guys come, we will go out to them.

Civilian 1: Everything. We will not touch anyone, I do not need it. Do you think I enjoy running to the basement every five minutes? And wait until the bomb arrives? Are you on the defensive? Good! But if you shoot, I will protect my family.

Russian Soldier 1: Okay, okay.

Civilian 1: I won’t attack your armored vehicle with a pitchfork.

Civil 2: We are all human and you understand that we also have relatives in Russia.

Russian soldier 1: I also have relatives in Ukraine.

Civilian 2: We are shocked (fucked) by what is happening. You are on military equipment and spoil the psyche of our children. Children are afraid.

Russian Soldier 1: I understand.

Civilian 1: I won’t attack your armored vehicle with a pitchfork. If you attack…

Civilian 2: We’re watching everything that’s going on and we’ll be in the yard. If there is horror (fuck), we told you what to do to save your lives. We offer you surrender. We will not torture or kill you. Nobody will kill you in the yard. I want everything to be like before. We lived well, you lived well, it was calm.

(The soldier turned to his comrades)

Russian Soldier 2: We’re leaving.

I feel for the innocent people dying in Ukraine because of a demented person’s madness, and also for those in Russia who had no say in any of this, and who will now suffer, too.

Stop the war (text), and get the corrupted boss there and his enablers out.

Update: This is an interesting overview by a retired Finnish Intelligence Colonel of the way many people think in Russia.

Live Universal Awareness Map

No to war. Stop war. Don’t invade. Don’t shoot. Earth doesn’t need more war.

Oilslick Elevation Map

A digital map designed to highlight fine detail in terrain elevation.


Via the Nacirema Wikipedia page.


A book of candid black and white photographs of life on Earth taken between 2001 and 2021. Now available on Blurb.