Linked List: May 2021

Elite Bug: SRV Free Camera fades to black while driving

My bug report for this frustrating issue that made my mouth turn downward without it being a Roman upside down smile.

Update 2021-07-29: It is fixed!

Weekly Highlights 25, 26

A few highlights from the past two weeks of streaming:

Elite: Witnessing a surprise sunrise in the Odyssey Alpha, a 0g world in the regular game, and welcoming a childhood friend to Elite.

Generation Zero: Getting the overkill Steam achievement, seeing robots howl in a anger, and being Rambo vs. Boston Dynamics.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Participating in the air tag event, forcing a flight of FW-190s to drop their bombs while getting a call from mom, shooting down an FW-190, flying in formation with Spitfires, a surprise snapshot kill, two decent Spitfire landings, failing to save an NPC pilot, and witnessing Wolf getting out of his airplane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Starting a Landing Rate Leaderboard, speaking about the fuel tank strapped to the back of and landing in a Blériot XI. Crashing in a ditch after dropping off a medic, participating in my first Neofly multiplayer mission, flying with some improv flow, getting promoted, completing the grass runway landing achievement, landing at Stonehenge, taking a medic to see the new Neofly 3D scenery objects, landing by my uncle’s place in Norwich, rendezvous with TimmyThumb in bad weather, Kinoni Elgato Epoccam momentary disconnect. Icebird4all sent in this video from his perspective of today’s flight, too.

Noita: Futebol!

Valheim: Neck ninjitsu.

Finally, recording new custom sounds in Garageband for Follows, Raids, Subscriptions, and Bits!

Thanks for stopping by, as always!


Britten Norman BN2 Islander for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Almost ready! Yay!!

Flight Recorder

Utility to record and replay flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Kinoni Elgato EpocCam Momentary Disconnect

I am experiencing an issue with the Elgato EpocCam where the stream camera disconnects for a moment and is replaced by a black screen with a USB logo, then reconnects immediately while streaming.

This happens with an iPhone 5S connected via USB connection at 1920x1080, with video bitrate at 1.0 bits per pixel.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Update: icebird4all pointed out the following comment by “BenEZer” under this EpocCam troubleshooting video:

…Some of you might have a problem with the disconnecting and Reconnecting issue with Epoccam. I got A Fix for it !!

  1. Make sure u got Itunes installed on ur pc
  2. Go to Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > Right Click on “USB Input Device” > Properties > Power Management > Then unticked the settings.
  3. Go to Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > USB SETTINGS > Usb Selective suspend Settings > Set it to “DISABLED”. Then Apply Well those are the fixes, I hope it works for you and good luck :D. OH and if u enjoy gaming videos. Come and check out my channel if youre intrested. Hope it works !

I followed the steps and will report back if they solved the problem.