Linked List: December 2020

Weekly Highlights 11, 12 #

A few highlights from the past two weeks of streaming:

Regarding the ongoing Cyber-debacle, I have enjoyed moments of exploration in the game, but feel the release was rushed, and suggest waiting another year before playing it.


Goodbye, Chuck Yeager #

An amazing life.

Weekly Highlights 10 #

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

See you this coming week for a Cyberpunk-themed schedule!


Cyberpunk Launch Stream Next Wednesday #

I will be streaming an obscure new video game on 2020 December 9th at 7pm EST. Something about people with fun hair who love technology in a cyber hellscape.

San Manuel ➢ Boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB #

Join me on a flight to see a gaggle of airplanes parked on the desert by Tucscon, Arizona in Microsoft Flight Simulator, taking off from E77 at around 2pm EST (19:00 ZULU), destination KDMA!

6-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Star #

Tune in at 2pm EST for an Elite: Dangerous stream.