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Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Former Greek Government & Valve Software Economist on Crypto, NFTs, & Techno-Feudalism

Yanis Varoufakis:

What did I learn back then? The key insight was that observed behaviour utterly demolished some key neoliberal fantasies: Barter does not give way to sound money, in the form of some digital gold simulacrum. (Nb. We established that various goods/items vie for dominance as numeraires, without ever dominating.) Selflessness is always present (evidenced by substantial doubly anonymous gifting). Social relations emerge (even in these faceless digital worlds) which then ‘infect’ prices and quantities in a manner that bears little connection to the neoliberal view of exchange values formed in a political and moral vacuum.

I’m Russian: Ask Me Anything

A 22 year old in Russia answers questions on Reddit.

10 Custom Bits First Ever Cheer 🥇 LTsmartass

Thank you for being the first person to cheer a custom 10 bits, LTsmartass!

The Chemical History of a Candle

Michael Faraday:

Atom by atom, link by link, has the reasoning chain been forged. Some links, too quickly and too slightly made, have given way, and been replaced by better work; but now the great phenomena are known–the outline is correctly and firmly drawn–cunning artists are filling in the rest, and the child who masters these Lectures knows more of fire than Aristotle did.

Nuclear Deterrence 101

Remember: deterrence is a game where a big enough mistake kills hundreds of millions if not billions of people.

Hithcock on the Kuleshov Effect

Editing to create meaning where no meaning was filmed.


Russian POW:

I cannot find the words to say sorry to the Ukrainian people.

Help us deal with this problem, we have a real problem. We won’t be able to stop right now, the flywheel has already started. Therefore, with your help, to those who surrender as prisoners, pluck up your courage! Save their health and life. What is it for? Because if you make efforts to ensure that the maximum number of them die, no one will come to our homeland and no one will tell about what happened here. It’s easier to kill than to give birth to someone, even if a third of those, who come back, will be able to tell about it correctly, this will already be a big benefit. And thanks to you this will happen. And thanks to your country you will become winners not only physically but also spiritually.

Death as a Feature, Not a Bug

I only recently played Dark Souls for the first time, and am looking forward to playing Elden Ring.

Hidetaka Miyazaki:

“That power of imagination is important to me,” he said. “Offering room for user interpretation creates a sense of communication with the audience—and, of course, communication between users in the community. This is something that I enjoy seeing unfold with our games, and that has continued to influence my work.”