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Noita can make you feel the power. Powerful and nuanced like few video games.

Notes about Noita, a poem made with pixels about which writing is coming from my hand to your eyes and ears.

And links to past streams of the game on my Twitch channel.


  • You can type !wand in my stream chat to see the wands my avatar is carrying into the depths.
  • Charming pixel graphics.
  • Physics simulation. Every pixel has physical properties. Gravity. Earth, sun, moon. Sagan. Computers and education.
  • Sound and music closely integrated with gameplay.
  • Wands, spells. Like a physics card game. Order, programming, Lisp.
  • Procedural simulation. Randomness in game design. Keeps every playthrough interesting. Standards biomes with procedural variation.
  • Depth. Secrets. Lore. Noita = Witch in Finnish. Difficulty. Reward.
  • Cryptic story. Suggest instead of strongly state. Allows for forming your own. Greed, hubris, power, luck.
  • Enemy AI. Inventive. Good variety. Mysterious. Bosses.
  • Save GIFs at any time (F11). Save screenshots (F2).
  • Bring to Mac, please.
  • Community. Twitch streaming integration.
  • Moddable! Mods:

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