Prince of Persia

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The beginning of the first level of the classic Prince of Persia.

I first played the jumping and parrying to avoid death and find your love video game Prince of Persia on an IBM 386 at a friend’s house. I never saved the princess, though I did wall-run to the end of a later version called The Sands of Time.

Needing games that I can run from any computer while traveling I plan to play the original game, maybe SDL (source code) or JS versions, and also the latest Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, which has been compared to Hollow Knight and Ori, and see if I can reach their finales.

Detail of animation work from page 154 of The Making of Prince of Persia.

Jordan Mechner, the original game’s creator, has made an illustrated book about the making of the game which has been a joy to read, like most books that illuminate the creative process of talented people.

I also bought his graphic memoir, Replay, and in the spirit of the creative process will be keeping Prince of Persia gameplay notes and links to streams here, once they begin again.

Peace out for now.

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