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Create a folder on your computer or get a sturdy box made of good cardboard with a lid. Name the folder “Process”. Write the word “Process” on the box.

While working, occasionally take photos or screenshots of what you are doing showing your workspace, the computer desktop, the desk with pencils and papers and cables everywhere, the wall or piece of string with notes. Show the messy process of creating something.

Type notes on text files and save them with a name like yyyy-mm-dd-note-title.txt. Make drawings and write on bits of paper and notebooks and journals with pencils and pens that you keep all around the places you spend most of your time in, including within arms-reach of where you sleep.

Practice writing on a piece of paper in the dark, so you can do so when waking up in the night, before daybreak, to jot down thoughts and ideas from dreams.

Record messages and melodies using your pocket computer and remember to save these in your Process folder, too. You are looking for your voice.

Put these digital and physical notes in the Process folder and in the Process box.

Thank yourself later, in years to come.

You are what you observed. Experiences, memories, stories to be told. Put your marker on the map in time, that others may find and learn from.

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