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An evolving list of songs I can be asked to perform on my livestream at I know some better than others and tend to improvise all by ear in a sort of haphazard manner after referring to the chords.

Albert King

The Animals

Beastie Boys

Bob Marley

Black Pumas

Buddy Guy

Freddie King

  • Your Move (Freddie King)

Guns N’ Roses

Jenny O.

J.J. Cale

John Lee Hooker

Jimmy Hedrix

Kurt Vile


Michael Jackson

Miranda Lee Richards

  • 7th Ray D#m F# D#m F# B …. oh-ohuoo B F# C# F# B F# C#

Neil Young

Nina Simone


Pink Floyd


Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Robert Cray

Stevie Ray Vaugan

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Cold Shot


The War on Drugs

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