Linked List: January 2023

Will Wright: Games and Simulation

There is so much to learn from listening to The Sims and SimCity creator Will Wright speaking about video games.

I have never played The Sims, and probably should. I love that one of its working titles was Tactical Domestic Simulator.

SimCity 2000 will always be special for me, with fond memories of attempts to make cities with lots of trees during a difficult time of transit in my life.

Via Don Hopkins.

Radio Silence

Somewhat expected and unexpected things have happened that have interrupted my regular streaming schedule. I hope to return to a regular schedule in February or March. My apologies.

4-Player Chess

Today I learned that Bughouse chess exists.

Via Hayk Martiros.

The Best Description of Quantum Entanglement I’ve Read So Far

Stephen Witt, writing in The New Yorker:

At the root of quantum-computing research is a scientific concept known as “quantum entanglement.” ​​Entanglement is to computing what nuclear fission was to explosives: a strange property of the subatomic world that could be harnessed to create technology of unprecedented power. If entanglement could be enacted at the scale of everyday objects, it would seem like a magic trick. Imagine that you and a friend flip two entangled quarters, without looking at the results. The outcome of the coin flips will be determined only when you peek at the coins. If you inspect your quarter, and see that it came up heads, your friend’s quarter will automatically come up tails. If your friend looks and sees that her quarter shows heads, your quarter will now show tails. This property holds true no matter how far you and your friend travel from each other. If you were to travel to Germany—or to Jupiter—and look at your quarter, your friend’s quarter would instantaneously reveal the opposite result.

A10 Short Runway Takekoff in Arma Antistasi

Fire-bally drama in an action-packed stream powered by Artwo, Futura_Light, FOG, and Vinonam.

Cessna Rolls Off Devil’s Tower in MSFS

Catching a glimpse of Mattrogg’s general aviation adventuring.

Landing Velocity in Logs in Elite Dangerous

I posted the following in the Suggestions area of the Elite forums (updated with correct URL 🤦):

I love flying space ships in Elite and would be delighted if there was a “Landing Rate Log” that showed you how gentle or rough your last landing was in meters per second.

This could be toggled on and off in a text settings file, and ideally the information would be written to a text file like the Player’s Journal.

Native Audio Capture in OBS v29 macOS Screen Capture

I am delighted to finally have native Mac audio capture working in OBS v29.0.0 running in macOS 13.1 Ventura!

I’m not sure if this is something that was added in OBS v29, or whether it was upgrading to macOS Ventura recently, but native audio capture now works in OBS using the macOS Screen Capture source, without needing third-party Mac audio plugins.

Thank you so much, OBS dev team! 💗 Streams from the Mac will be easier to manage now.

Wacom Intuos Mapping Screen Area Empty in macOS 13.1 Ventura

Update: 2023-01-14 I restarted the system a couple of times and everything works normally again.

I’m using an Intuos Pro S (PTH-451) with tablet driver 6.4.1-1 and the Screen Area drop down menu of the Wacom Tablet Mapping settings is empty in macOS 13.1 Ventura, so I cannot restrict the tablet area to only one monitor.

Also, the Tablet Area drop down menu below has all its labels appearing simultaneously.

If you know of a solution or workaround for this apparent bug please let me know or comment in the Reddit thread.

Thank you!

One Aborted Landing, One Successful Landing

👆 Uh oh!
👉 Oh yeah!
🙌 Piloted by King Air Futura_Light with ground guidance from Artwo and in-vehicle guidance from yours sincerely, we now have a new hellocopter in the Antistasi Altis rebellion against AFRF and BAF Earth invaders.

Post-Zombie Trauma Laugh Attack Syndrome

Laughter is good for you, especially after zombie-induced trauma.

Diffusion Bee

The newest addition to my design toolbox is a text-to-image creation robot capable of learning that buzzes about inside my computer.

Exciting times, especially in the world of indie video games asset creation!

Flyby View Almost Causes Cramp on Solar Plexus

Dear Asobo Studios,

Please make a one-button-press fly-by view in Microsoft Flight Simulator for us aeroplane aficionados.

I suggest using the F3 key for the control binding.

Yours Sincerely,

Thermoacoustics Demonstration Video

An amazing physical demonstration of sound waves and how they can be used to create thermoacoustic devices like fridges or heat pumps.

Happy New Year 2023

I’m back and happy to have begun streaming again!

The link above takes you to my Twitch page showing highlights and I also post these on YouTube. Here are some from the first days of this new year:

I wish you a better spin around the sun in 2023, wherever you may be on planet Earth.