Linked List: August 2021

Balsa Model Flight Simulator Play Test

Yes! You can take to the skies in a wonderful early access game about building and flying model airplanes made by the creator of Kerbal Space Program! Click the green button on the Steam-powered software distribution service and go play with models on skies and beaches.

Tower Says: Whatever, Over

Schippah on chat in today’s Microsoft Flight Simulator stream:

This is the tower, whatever man, taking a break, over.

Why We Need the Humanities: The Practical Case

The great rush of STEM funding that has slowly marginalized the humanities within our education system (it was, for instance, not hard to notice growing up that my school district had a special high school for students gifted in “science and technology” but no such program for students gifted in writing, art, history, and so on) has long been justified on national defense grounds. We needed science to ‘beat the Russians’ and now we need it to ‘beat the Chinese.’ I don’t want to get lost in the weeds of if ‘beating the Chinese’ (which I think, would be better phrased as ‘deterring the leaders of the PRC from mutually destructive conflict’) is a worthwhile goal. But I want to assess the humanities on that strict, materialistic basis (even though I believe there is rather more to our lives and world than a strict materialist outlook), because if the disciplines of the humanities may be justified on these grounds, they may be justified to anyone.

Little Navmap Night Dark Mode

If you use computers long enough, you begin to curse user interfaces that are too bright (this website called included, for which a fix is coming soon).

Thankfully, we do not need to curse Little Navmap as it contains a Night Mode under Main Menu → Window → Style → Night (or press Shift + F3).

Thanks to video game broadcaster WildCraze for this tip!

Skin Templates for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles

Official layered templates for painting a custom skin, or livery, on your airplane in IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles, arguably the best current combat flight simulator.

Prosumer-tip: I recently learned that there is a skin viewer program that comes with the game, and you can find it at \bin\viewer\Viewer.exe in the folder where the game is installed, in my case: \steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\viewer\Viewer.exe.

Both things above are so very useful, and I hope something similar is made for Microsoft Flight Simulator soon.

Thank You for Raiding, The Flying Fabio and 4rch13ct

Thank you to The Flying Fabio and 4rch13ct for back-to-back raids today! Also thank you to everyone who said hello and who followed, and special thanks to Icebird4all for suggesting the raid at Fabio’s❣️ We reached 300 followers and systems are GO towards Mach 1!

Neofly User Guide

A user guide is now available online for Neofly, my favorite Microsoft Flight Simulator career mode program.

Elite Odyssey Cutter Ship Visual Issues

Highlighting this issue to help a fellow Cmdr who wants the glowing neon lights and nameplates to work again on his Cutter!

Here is the problem seen on-stream.

Chroma Key Green or Blue Screen HEX Colors

Here are chroma key colors in HTML HEX values (for making magic transparent backgrounds in videos):

Green: #00b140
Blue: #0047bb

BN-2 Islander Update 1.2 is Out for MSFS

With a new 3D sound set for my favorite Microsoft Flight Simulator airplane.