Linked List: October 2020

Mayor Bones Proudly Presents Ghost Town’s 999th Annual Pumpkin Festival

A video game about carving pumpkins available for Windows, macOS, and Linux that costs whatever you wish you pay.

The Player of Games

Just finished reading the second book in Iain M. Bank’s Culture series and the thing I like best about them so far, apart from the names of the sentient space ships, is that they point a mirror at our own society and its failures while simultaneously having an optimistic view of where humanity could go.

Weekly Highlights 7

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

I am travelling the next two weeks so any streams between now and the first week of November will be un-scheduled ones, most likely of Jagged Alliance 2, which is working on my Mac laptop along with OBS 😊

Thanks for dropping by, and see you again soon!


Weekly Highlights 6

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

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Highlights from the past week of streaming:

Indie Hour: Spacewar!


Today I am playing two versions of the first video game ever made: Spacewar! Come see!