Linked List: August 2022

Duke Ellington Photograph by Gordon Parks

Listening to playback, Los Angeles, 1960.

Adding Chapters to YouTube Videos

I like software features that can be created from plain text. In this case, writing 4:20 Bongiorno in the video description adds a chapter marker titled “Bongiorno” 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the video. Bravo!

Up to $7,500 Tax Credit to Get Electric Vehicles

Arezou Rezvani, writing at NPR:

By incentivizing automakers to cater to a less affluent crowd and by pushing automakers to bring their supply chains to the U.S., the administration believes it can make EVs more mainstream and accelerate toward an ambitious goal: to have half of all new car sales be for electric models by 2030, up from only 3% today.

First Webb Telescope Images of Jupiter

Astonishing and breathtaking, and another planet type I want to venture into in Elite.


Get notified Earth is about to be destroyed by a supernova up to one hour before it happens.

Authagraph World Map

An approximately equal-area world map projection invented by Hajime Narukawa that reminds me of the Waterman Butterlfy projection.

Thank you, Timmy Thumb

Dear Tim, Thank you so much for becoming my first ever Patreon patron! I have now begun the Dear Moment blog posts on my Patreon page! —Simon

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

“I’m sorry if I startled you,” the stranger said in a voice as clear and friendly as the wind. “I had you in sight all the time. Just playing…I wouldn’t have hit you.”

“No! No, that’s not it.” Anthony was awake and alive for the first time in his life, inspired. “What was that?”

“Oh, some fun-flying, I guess. A dive and pullup to a slow roll with a rolling loop off the top. Just messing around. If you really want to do it well it takes a bit of practice, but it’s a nice-looking thing, don’t you think?”

“It’s, it’s…beautiful, is what it is! But you haven’t been around the Flock at all. Who are you, anyway?”

“You can call me Jon.”

MSFS Antennas, Chimneys, Solar Panels, Etc

We Love VFR regions 1 and 2 are free scenery addons for MSFS which, coupled with Powerlines and Solar Farms, add plenty of detail to the sim’s landscape.

23 Custom Bits First Ever Cheer 🥇 Schippah

Thank you for being the first person to cheer a custom 23 bits, Schippah!

11 Custom Bits First Ever Cheer 🥇 Schippah

Thank you for being the first person to cheer a custom 11 bits, Schippah!

420 Custom Bits First Ever Cheer 🥇 Schippah

Thank you for being the first person to cheer a custom 420 bits, Schippah!

1000 Custom Bits First Ever Cheer 🥇 Schippah

Thank you for being the first person to cheer a custom 1000 bits, Schippah!

de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide for MSFS

Dave Garwood et al’s beautiful de Havilland Rapide for the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, converted from the FSX version, and downloadable at Sim Outhouse forums, after free registration.

Some notes:

  • Brakes are very touchy causing easy nose-overs. There may be a way to remedy this by editing a text file.
  • Even with throttle closed completely the plane has almost no drag. Need to cut out engines to land.
  • I had to map Engine 1 Throttle and Engine 2 Throttle to my GNX WWII throttle axis for the engine throttles to work.

I first heard about this aeroplane from my aunt Beu, who flew in one with my uncle for their honeymoon in 1954, from Bristol to Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I will be attempting to recreate this flight on stream soon!

Thanks to Mattrogg for letting me know about this plane. I’d pay for a brand new version with 3D WWise sounds!

There Is No Peace With a Tyrant

Pieter Hintjens:

To live or work with a psychopath is to live in occupied lands. It is dismal, gray, with the constant threat of violence, and the total loss of freedom.

I’ve found, over the last years as I wrote this book and internalized its lessons, that confronting bad actors also made me generally happier in life. I’m pretty sure that psychopathy is an all-or-nothing strategy. We are all bad actors at times in our lives. Yet most of us work hard to self-correct. We’re obsessive about it. It’s enough to tell most people: “not cool!,” show them an alternative, and they will stop. Psychopaths don’t self-correct. Instead they get better at not getting caught.

So understanding these two paths of human nature, one can speak to people according to what path they are on. To the good actors, one gives order and structure, power, freedom, and protection from the bad actors. To bad actors, one gives the stick.

Blackbox BN2 Islander Version 2.0 Update

A lovely surprise, free for existing owners of the Islander!

NightMercury358, on the MSFS forum:

We should have the ALL NEW Islander available via the BBS Store by the 2nd week of August.

Completely redesigned and rebuilt Panels
Rebuilt exterior and VC Models
All new Texturing
32 liveries across 7 variants
Civil, Military and Cargo models Plus “long nose” Variant (Image above) 3 panel colours
Many varied Seating colours
optional ASPEN EFIS
Redesigned DME (Not Wasm Based so works on Xbox platform)
100% Brand New Flight dynamics using CFD and New Prop physics
Accurate Electrical & Fuel systems
Operational external tanks and Tip Tanks (On Maritime Variant)
All working Circuit breakers
Fully dimmable Panel lighting and Overhead map lighting
Cabin and exterior lighting with rotating beacon
Brand new “WWISE” sound set Matched accurately to real Islander sound
Opening Doors, cargo hold(s) and clear-view Panel
Adjustable sun visors
Fully featherable propellers
Chocks, Flags and Gust-locks
Also Engine covers and Boarding steps

Goodbye, Lt. Uhura

Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ dies at 89.