Linked List: July 2021

C172 G1000 Float Variant Microsoft Flight Simulator Livery Help

Know which text files we need to edit, and how to name and organize folders to make liveries for the new official Float variant of the C172 G1000? I’d appreciate any help as I can make liveries successfully for the default plane, but can’t get liveries to appear for the Float variant.

Update: Figured most of it out during this stream and a blog post with instructions will be published here soon!

DCS Liberation Dynamic Campaign

Turn based single-player or co-op dynamic campaign generator for DCS World. A program written in Python that communicates with DCS via a mission file and a LUA script.

Yin Indie

A website made by a childhood friend of mine with a directory listing of peaceful video games. Don’t miss the blog, which will be quite excellent.

IL-2 Sturmovik Easy Mission Generator

Third-party mission generator for creating single, cooperative, and dogfight missions for IL-2 Sturmovik.


<bzzzzzzt> Hypertexthero will be taking a break and regularly scheduled streams will resume on 2021 July 12th. Thank you for your custom! <click> 🏕

Paris-Dakar MSFS Rally Endurance Race for Doctors Without Borders

Taking a break from the scheduled streams today in preparation for my ~20 hour flight in the Microsoft Flight Simulator endurance race from Paris (LFPG) to Dakar (GOOY) to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières.

This is the second event in the series organized by SeedyL and FactualGull with assistance from ForderLearnToFly.

See you on stream a bit before 2am ET tomorrow, Saturday, July 3rd!