Linked List: August 2023

Quick Remedies

Stress → Exercise.
Fatigue → Enough sleep.
Hunger → Healthy food.
Sadness → Play, conviviality, nature.
Sickness? All of the above.

Chicxulub Crater

For some reason I always find it reassuring to remember this event. Via Tim Bray.

AI Dungeon

AI-powered text-based video game, playable in a web browser.

Annotated Presentations

Another excellent tool by wizard Simon Willison.


Open source PyTorch library for deep learning research on audio generation. Basically a text to audio or text to music generator.

I tried it on a Hugging Face space, which has now been hugged to death by HN, and the results were quite nice!

Room-Temperature Superconductor

Think this but at room temperature, without the need to cool things down with liquid nitrogen.

For the times they are a-changin'