Linked List: July 2013

Ten Rules for Designing for Low Bandwidth
The Fate of The Internet
Sleepwalking Into Censorship
The Tao of Vagrant

Also from Mitchell Hashimoto: Packer.

A Universe Full of Planets

No matter how conservative or optimistic we are, the statistics tell us that something like an astonishing one out of every seven stars must harbor a planet similar in size to the Earth, and at roughl

Hillbilly Tracking of Low Earth Orbit Satellites
The Last Question

Wonderful short story by Isaac Asimov.

Regular Expressions 101

Great resource.


CSS is getting hotter.

Commodore 64 Survivor Prototype in HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML, CSS, JavaScript prototype based on the Commodore 64 version of Survivor from 1983.

Seasons of Your Day

New Mazzy Star album coming out in September!

Readline Keyboard Shortcuts

If you spend time editing text on a computer these will be useful.

Chosen jQuery Plugin Make Select Boxes User-Friendly
The Explorer is the Person Who is Lost

Also, Edsger W. Dijkstra:

Looking closely at himself he realized that if he wrote about things they would appreciate at the MC in Amsterdam his colleagues in Eindhoven would not understand; if he wrote about things they would like in Eindhoven, his former colleagues in Amsterdam would look down on him. He then decided to write only for himself, and in this way the EWDs were born.

Anything That is Digital Has No National Borders

I would add that this is true not only for digital things, but for anything in the world.

Complete Single Server Django Stack Tutorial

Clearly written in simple language.

Individuals Have Duties Which Transcend Obligations of Obedience
Maybe This Time I’ll Get a Computer Phone
Sanity in the Women in Technology Discussion

More of this, please.

Worried About Surveillance Online?

Good resource. Via Holger Krekel.

Tangle JavaScript Library for Reactive Documents
Snowden Der Spiegel Interview
Embedding WebRTC Video Chat Into Your Website
The War for the Free and Open Internet and How We Are Losing It
Why European Nations Must Protect Edward Snowden
Restore the Fourth Campaign Organizes Protests Against Unconstitutional Surveillance