Linked List: June 2021

XCub Float Planes for Microsoft Flight Simulator #

Free bush aeroplane variants including an XCub float plane for landing on water made by a group of sim enthusiasts called Bush League Legends.

BN2 Islander Version 1.1 #

Black Box Simulations released an update for their lovely Microsoft Flight Simulator BN2 Islander twin engined combination between a seagull and a space shuttle (check your promotions or spam folders for an email with a link to the update.)

My favorite things so far in 1.1 are the coiled radio wires moving from side to side with gravity when banking, and the working Hobbs meter!

DC Designs PT-17 Stearman for MSFS #

The PT-17 Stearman: A very pretty aeroplane that was the primary trainer for US and Canadian air forces in WW2, and very popular in the general aviation civilian market after the war.

I just finished reading Tuskegee Airman Harold H. Brown’s biography, Keep Your Airspeed Up, that I warmly recommend, and which includes vivid descriptions of flying various aeroplanes from biplanes to early jets including the Stearman, which Mr. Brown flew in his first solo flight.

It is lovely to fly a simulated version of an aeroplane you’ve read about, and with so many being released for Microsoft Flight Simulator I will need a new hard drive soon. Here is a video review of the PT-17 by Alan Bradbury.

Neofly #

My favorite mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It drapes a blanket with detailed embroidery over MSFS that turns the sim into an RPG where you play as a general aviation or commercial pilot. Free main features, with nice additions like custom 3D models for mission objects.

LukeAirTool #

For those of you carrying passengers around the digital skies. Via Icebird4All.