Linked List: September 2021

Hyper View for Microsoft Flight Simulator #

A script to automatically change camera views while flying in MSFS, made by Icebird4all. I look forward to trying it once I am back in the digital cockpit later next week.

5 Realistic Simulators That Don’t F#%k Around #

From the blog on my friend’s excellent new website about peaceful games, Yin Indie:

With the first instalment released in 1982, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a classic when it comes to serious sims, and is the true definition of realistic gaming. It has real-time weather and real-time air traffic, and the whole planet is accurately recreated using real-world map data. As a bonus, not only is this game the closest your sorry ass will come to flying a real plane, it has also been called “the most aesthetically pleasing game of 2020” – so if nothing else, you can enjoy the view whilst you fluff the landing.

The Turn #

At the very heart of winged flight lies the banked turn, a procedure that by now seems so routine and familiar that airline passengers appreciate neither its elegance and mystery nor its dangerously delusive character. The author, a pilot, takes us up into the subject.

Terry Fox Marathon of Hope MSFS Race and Hypertexthero Regular Broadcast Pause #

Despite a mysterious engine failure (left tank only had 50% fuel and ran out), a pilot error crash upon landing a very light airplane, and a crash to desktop a few hours from the finish, I had fun, and it felt good to finally land at Thunder Cats Bay! My total time was around 16 hours and 30 minutes.

I won’t be able to do the 2nd leg of the race, unfortunately, as I will be away from my streaming computer until the end of September.

Thank you to everyone for your support of my streams! I learn a lot from you, and hopefully can provide some entertainment and comic relief with my incompetent piloting!

I will see you again in October, with perhaps a few broadcasts from an older machine if possible while I am away.

Peace out for now!


Pitts Special Prop Governor MSFS Bug and Thanks #

Thank you to MySimulatedReality for helping us figure out what the heck is going on with the current takeoff mis-behaviour of the MSFS Pitts Special, and to F14Tomcat4Life for helping us with control sensitivity tips in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Also, thank you very much to LyonExodus, WildCraze, Futura_Light, M0rt75, CanadianCaptainMoustache, and ZeroToHeroALEK for recent raids, and to all the regulars and new followers for hanging around and learning together.

Update 2021-10-21: I can confirm it is fixed, so thank you to Asobo Studios, too!