Linked List: September 2021

Hyper View for Microsoft Flight Simulator

A script to automatically change camera views while flying in MSFS, made by Icebird4all. I look forward to trying it once I am back in the digital cockpit later next week.

5 Realistic Simulators That Don’t F#%k Around

From the blog on my friend’s excellent new website about peaceful games, Yin Indie:

With the first instalment released in 1982, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a classic when it comes to serious sims, and is the true definition of realistic gaming. It has real-time weather and real-time air traffic, and the whole planet is accurately recreated using real-world map data. As a bonus, not only is this game the closest your sorry ass will come to flying a real plane, it has also been called “the most aesthetically pleasing game of 2020” – so if nothing else, you can enjoy the view whilst you fluff the landing.

The Turn

At the very heart of winged flight lies the banked turn, a procedure that by now seems so routine and familiar that airline passengers appreciate neither its elegance and mystery nor its dangerously delusive character. The author, a pilot, takes us up into the subject.

Terry Fox Marathon of Hope MSFS Race and Hypertexthero Regular Broadcast Pause

Despite a mysterious engine failure (left tank only had 50% fuel and ran out), a pilot error crash upon landing a very light airplane, and a crash to desktop a few hours from the finish, I had fun, and it felt good to finally land at Thunder Cats Bay! My total time was around 16 hours and 30 minutes.

I won’t be able to do the 2nd leg of the race, unfortunately, as I will be away from my streaming computer until the end of September.

Thank you to everyone for your support of my streams! I learn a lot from you, and hopefully can provide some entertainment and comic relief with my incompetent piloting!

I will see you again in October, with perhaps a few broadcasts from an older machine if possible while I am away.

Peace out for now!


Pitts Special Prop Governor MSFS Bug and Thanks

Thank you to MySimulatedReality for helping us figure out what the heck is going on with the current takeoff mis-behaviour of the MSFS Pitts Special, and to F14Tomcat4Life for helping us with control sensitivity tips in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Also, thank you very much to LyonExodus, WildCraze, Futura_Light, M0rt75, CanadianCaptainMoustache, and ZeroToHeroALEK for recent raids, and to all the regulars and new followers for hanging around and learning together.

Update 2021-10-21: I can confirm it is fixed, so thank you to Asobo Studios, too!