Linked List: June 2023

Poster for Svejo

Graphic design to help friends doing good work in the Italic Peninsula. End of day. Summer. Voices. Colors.

Sun on gradient with Milton Glaser’s Baby Teeth typeface with hand-drawn counters, some of which are microphones.


For audio musical creator geeks out there.


Collaborative infinite zoom art project running since 1997. HyperTextHero 21×7 pixel logo

Net and Paper Butterfly Pencil Drawing

From last night’s experimental stream.

Airwolf for MSFS

The 1980s called looking for their beautiful Bell 222B helicopter and CowanSim picked up the phone.


Open source multiplayer top-down shooter reminiscent of Infantry and Hotline Miami with a PvP arena mode. Has in-game editor, and I hope someone adds AI and PvE coop!

Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

Free typeface designed for low vision readers.

Five Video Game Music Favorites
  • Far Cry 2 - especially the title track.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 - <3 Another Brick in the Wall-ish laptop music.
  • Tie Fighter - it’s Star Wars for Light’s sake.
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins - just beautiful, Sarah Schachner rocks.
  • Crysis - this bit, if you can feel it, is a good example of how music and sound is at least 50% of a video game excellence.
Graphic Design Collection from

Bookmarked and put in Interesting folder.

Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts

I don’t remember when I first found these lovely fonts, but it was probably when I was trying to find whether an observer symbol already existed in the Unicode.

It is good to discover George Douros’s work again, this time via the colophon of Rezmason’s Matrix work!

The original goal for UFAS – fonts and symbols for mathematics – faded into a bigger landscape: the memory of scripts humans have created over millennia to support the functionality of their community, their struggle for survival and communication.

Exploring this art panorama of ancient scripts, their development, history, meaning and the desire to bring them to life in today’s electronic publishing environment became the new goal.

Uncertainty is recognized as a valid state in thoughtful inquiry, to be resolved only if and when more facts aid in such resolution.

Diablo Game Concept Pitch Document

Apropos that I’m playing Diablo IV tonight!

I clicked on a lot of things to make them stop in the original and in II, which was fun. Never played III. Spent a day with IV Beta and enjoyed it.

Will the apparent decrease in use of procedural generation (the Dynamic Random Level Generator) bother me? Or are there just too many games these days to for it to matter?

Wacom Intuos macOS Ventura Fix

My Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-451-/K stopped working after updating to macOS Ventura 13.4 (22F66) which made today a troubleshooting day (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I tried these troubleshooting steps without success.

What finally made it work was installing a patched driver called Fixed driver v6.1.6-4 installer for Graphire 1 & 2 and Intuos 1 & 2 tablets by Nicholas Sherlock.


Procedural generation with hand-crafted elements is a holy cup of my favorite drink to quaff while gaming.

When a big group of people like Bethesda workers attempt walking into my video game room holding a giant tray filled with holy cups without crashing, this is something to be celebrated.

My favorite Elder Scrolls game? Daggerfall! Games atop my list of digital wishes? Starfield and The Wayward Realms!


Oliver Burkeman, writing in his last column for The Guardian:

The future will never provide the reassurance you seek from it. As the ancient Greek and Roman Stoics understood, much of our suffering arises from attempting to control what is not in our control. And the main thing we try but fail to control — the seasoned worriers among us, anyway – is the future. We want to know, from our vantage point in the present, that things will be OK later on. But we never can. (This is why it’s wrong to say we live in especially uncertain times. The future is always uncertain; it’s just that we’re currently very aware of it.)

It’s freeing to grasp that no amount of fretting will ever alter this truth. It’s still useful to make plans. But do that with the awareness that a plan is only ever a present-moment statement of intent, not a lasso thrown around the future to bring it under control. The spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti said his secret was simple: “I don’t mind what happens.” That needn’t mean not trying to make life better, for yourself or others. It just means not living each day anxiously braced to see if things work out as you hoped.

Found after reading List one task, do it, cross it out, which is similar to a pilot’s pre-flight checklist:

  1. Think of something it would be worthwhile to do right now, without any expectation that you know what might be “best”. (And don’t forget that it could be “take a nap”!)
  2. Write it down.
  3. Do that thing.
  4. Cross it out.
  5. Go back to 1., writing the next thing underneath the one you just crossed out. Repeat (forever).
Air Mail Route Maps

PDF of early USPS airmail routes through the Transcontinental Airway System. I’ll be flying some of these routes soon in MS Flight Simulator streams.

Nature as an Ally

Wendell Berry:

Here’s the tragedy of agriculture in our time. In the middle of the last century, Aldo Leopold was writing and publishing on the “land community” and ecological land husbandry. Sir Albert Howard and J. Russell Smith had written of natural principles as the necessary basis of agriculture. This was work that was scientifically reputable. At the end of the Second World War, ignoring that work, the politicians, the agricultural bureaucracies, the colleges of agriculture, and the agri-business corporations went all-out to industrialize agriculture and to get first the people and then the animals off the land and into the factories. This was a mistake, involving colossal offences against both land and people. The costs have not been fully reckoned, let alone fully paid.

Apple Spatial Computer V1

Maybe by v3 they’ll have something smaller and lighter than can replace a monitor? And not a word about video games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Update: There was something about video games :)

No Man’s Sky on Mac

Will NMS be the flagship title for whatever VR thing Apple may be announcing? Is the company finally understanding the value of video games? Maybe Diablo IV will launch on Mac and Elite: Dangerous will come back to the platform?