Landing Guesstimator

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The closest guess wins.

The Landing Guesstimator is a game you can play during Microsoft Flight Simulator streams where you make wild, informed guesses about how hard HyperTextHero’s next landing will be.

To make a guess type !guess -### (remember the minus sign before the number).

Example: !guess -100 to guess a -100 feet per minute landing.

Anyone who wins a guess will eventually receive an embroidered patch, once these are ready, if desired.

At the end of every season prizes are given as follows (these have been changed since April 2023 1):

  1. Gold 🥇 Choose an airplane or flying machine to be added to the HyperTextHero redeemable points list so it can be called by chat to fly into the stream.
  2. Silver 🥈 Select a number to be added to the custom cheer bit list.
  3. Bronze 🥉 Choose a theme for a redeemable points video or follower emote.

Fiery crashes usually mean a point is not awarded, but HyperTextHero may bend the rules and decide to give one anyway depending on humor, what he’s eaten for breakfast, and the position of the moon and planets.

Landing Guesstimator
Spring 2024

Past Winners

Winter 2023

There were no MSFS streams (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Fall 2023

Spring & Summer 2023

Real life things made two seasons become one short one, so prizes to everyone.

Winter 2022

Fall 2022

  • 1st Prize: Futura_Light · Futura has chosen to give his prize to the stream and I decided to use it to get Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord as a birthday present to Schippah 💝
  • 2nd Prize: RazWasabi · $30 to stream as subs 💝
  • 3rd Prize: M0RT75 · $15 to stream as subs 💝

Summer 2022

  • 1st Prize: RazWasabi · $50 prize - Raz chose to take $20 for Sea of Thieves and to gift $30 to the stream as subs 💝
  • 2nd Prize: ZeroToHeroALEK · $30 to be gifted to the stream as subs 💝
  • 3rd Prize: Icebird4all · $15 to be gifted to the stream as subs 💝

Spring 2022

Winter 2022

  • 1st Prize: WildCraze · WildCraze has chosen to give his prize to the stream, so I have given 13 subscription gifts to viewers
  • 2nd Prize: JoeyBolo77 · India Fox Techo F-35 Lightning II
  • 3rd Prize: TimmyThumb · Escape Simulator

Fall 2021

Summer 2021

  • 1st Prize: WildCraze · MSFS BN-2 Islander
  • 2nd Prize: Schippah · IL-2 Sta, IL-2 Bod, IL-2 Kub
  • 3rd Prize: Icebird4all · IL-2 Sta, IL-2 Bod

All Time Scoreboard

HyperTextHero’s streaming base is currently on the northern hemisphere of Earth, which explains the seasons.

Thank you to SimToolkitPro for making this possible!

If you know of a way to calculate landing FPM in DCS World, IL-2 Great Battles, and War Thunder, please let me know so we can do Landing Guesstimator in those sims, too!

  1. 💝 Prior to April 2023 the following rule, kept here for historical reference, was in effect. It no longer applies: To keep things fresh and encourage others to participate, if you have already won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place before and win one of these again, your prize will be given in your name to stream viewers as subscriptions or to a charity. This rule is the “Wild Generosity Stipulation” (in memory of WildCraze), and winners affected by it are marked with a heart and a ribbon like this: 💝 ↩︎

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