War Thunder Airplane Keyboard Bindings

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As promised in yesterday’s stream, here are my keyboard bindings for War Thunder propeller airplanes: WarThunderKeyboardBindings-Hypertexthero.zip

There are two files in the archive:

  1. hypertexthero-MOUSE-war-thunder-keybinds.blk
  2. hypertexthero-STICK-war-thunder-keybinds.blk

The first one is for mouse and keyboard control and I use it when playing War Thunder in Arcade or Realistic Air Battles. The second one is for my VKB Gladiator NXT control stick, which I use when playing in Simulator Air Battles. (Nota bene: Once I get a jet I will add more items to the list. I have not mapped the controls for Tanks or Ships or Helicopters, yet).

To load them in your game, extract the files to wherever you like in your computer, then, in War Thunder, go to Controls on the top-left of the screen, click on the Import From File folder icon on the bottom-left, and load one of the two files.

These are the most important settings for my mouse controls, in the MOUSE file:

  1. Pause is Esc. Use it to access game options.
  2. Toggle View is V
  3. Mouse look activation (to look around) is Right Mouse Button (RMB) - keep it pressed down to look around your aeroplane
  4. Zoom Camera is Z and the Mouse Scroll Wheel
  5. Tracking Camera: Enemy is Left Mouse Button (LMB)
  6. Look Back is C
  7. Forward or Pitch Down is W
  8. Back or Pitch Up is S
  9. Left or Roll Left is A
  10. Right or Roll Right is D
  11. Strafe Left or Yaw Left is Q
  12. Strafe Right or Yaw Right is E
  13. Accelerate or Increase Throttle is Shift
  14. Decelerate or Decrease Throttle is Ctrl
  15. Toggle Engine Start/Stop is Right CTRL + E
  16. Toggle Prop Feathering is Right CTRL + F (for planes that have it)
  17. Flaps are toggled with F (Left Shift + F for definitive Flaps Down)
  18. Gear is G
  19. Airbrake and Drag Chute, for the planes that have them, are B and Left CTRL + P
  20. Guns are all Spacebar, with Small-calibre guns being having a secondary bind of 1 and Large-calibre guns 2
  21. Bombs are 3 (bomb bay doors open with Left CTRL + B)
  22. Guided Bombs are Left ALT + 3
  23. Rockets are 4 or R
  24. Rocket Salvos are Left ALT + 4
  25. Lock Target is Middle Mouse Button
  26. Aerobatics smoke is Alt + S

How to Fly

Use the mouse to gently fly and aim your aeroplane, look around by pressing and holding the Right Mouse Button (RMB), use W A S D and Q E for maneuvering. Use the mouse scroll wheel or Z to zoom in, your middle mouse button to lock onto a target, and Spacebar to fire.

If you found these useful please follow my livestream on Twitch and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Happy flying!

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