Linked List: June 2014

Markdown Table Generator


Epoch Real-Time Charting Library

The browser’s conversion to run-time continues.

Collective Spatial Learning From Students and Professionals

Mapping application resources and tutorials.

Django ContentTypes Zen

Refreshed my memory of the ’everything is a content type’ strategy from Udacity’s CS253: Web Application Engineering.

See also: Django project structure of folder layout for versions greater or equal to 1.5.

Modern Honey Network

The web application defense.

Test Internet Connection Speed from Command Line

Download a large file and save it to oblivion:

wget --output-document=/dev/null
Open XCom

Now open source. Also check out Xenonauts.

Privacy is Like Oxygen

Essential for human beings.

The Making of Elite

Elite spawned the first ever Internet user group, and eventually docked on to 17 separate formats. The game established Braben and Bell as coding heroes to the next generation of programmers.

Unofficial World Cup Online Streams and Fifa can take a shower.

People Hate to Register

Sensible approach if you need to keep track of specific user data and it is not critical.

iTools to Mac to iPhone File Transfer

Amazing to me that this is seemingly the only free tool I can find to easily transfer files between an iPhone and a Mac.

Explore Flask

Now free and open source.

Email Self-Defense

Bulk surveillance violates our fundamental rights and makes free speech risky. This guide will teach you a basic surveillance self-defense skill: email encryption. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to send and receive emails that are coded to make sure that a surveillance agent or thief can’t intercept your email and read it.

Reset The Net Privacy Pack

This June 5th, I pledge to take strong steps to protect my freedom from government mass surveillance. I expect the services I use to do the same.

HipHop 2014 Napster

RIAA and MPAA are going down.

Down, down, down, down, down!

Raneto Markdown Knowledgebase in Node.js

With full-text search powered by Lunr.