Linked List: November 2020

Cyber Monday Fantasy list

Here are some things I’d buy this Cyber Monday if the dollars, gold coins, gemstones, and other valuables in my various video game avatars’ inventories could be converted to cash (if you click and buy the things below on Amazon I make a bit of money):

Weekly Highlights 9

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

See you next week!


Monument Valley ➢ Grand Canyon

Come join me for a flight over beautiful landscapes in Microsoft Flight Simulator, taking off from UT25 at around 2pm EST (19:00 ZULU), destination KGCN!

Weekly Highlights 8

Highlights from the past week of streaming:

Thanks for watching, as always, and a special thanks to visitors who say hello in chat!


3-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Earth

Later today I am streaming an attempt to find a friend in Star Citizen.

2-Month Twitch Subscriber Badge Drawing - Tree

I am back on air with an updated schedule!

Scheduled Streams Resume in Late November 2020

Just a note that my away mission is taking a bit longer and I now expect to be able to resume scheduled streaming in late November.