Linked List: March 2021

Weekly Highlights 21, 22

A few highlights from the past two weeks of streaming:

Grand Theft Auto Online: Impromptu racing with Elias, laughing at underwater suits, going on a spring joint parachute jump, missing a parachute landing on a fountain, getting caught during a heist, seeing a spinning trash bin and a pulante Beetle, one two boss, a “paçoca of languages”, motorcycle showoff fail, BF Weevil laugh attack, and zapping cars.

Valheim: Keeping it environmental, talking about french fries and icons and text, rainy outpost trouble, being saved by skipper Schippah, planting a tree, facing an angry blue thing, an angry stone thing, a skeleton, and a swarm of gremlins, receiving news of a dedicated Euro server, running from enemies, and taming boars.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Performing a hammerhead maneuver during a strafing run in a Tuskegee Airmen P-51 Mustang, making an emergency landing and barely missing trees in a P-47.

Arma 3: Celebrating Grantalf’s 2000th Arma hour in .

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Flying a Spitfire in formation with icebird4all, a 27 knot crosswind landing attempt, being told I am upside down, and firing up a Merlin engine.

Back to a regular stream schedule this week and going on a cuckoo 16–24 hour charity flight on Saturday!

Thank you for coming by, dear visitor.



Beautiful film.