This is a list of my Patreon patronage goals (for video game goals see Keep Talking).

Each time I reach the number of patrons listed I will do what I say in the description of the goal.

1 Patron · My first patron will inspire the start of a series of blog posts about the little moments in life we rarely pay attention to.

2 Patrons · When I have 2 patrons I will publish a bizarre review comparing two similar things that appear in two different video games.

3 Patrons · When I have 3 patrons I will hire my alter-ego, Jimmy Boss, and have him review something. I will publish the review.

10 Patrons · When I have 10 patrons I will publish an outlandish review of 10 objects, characters, or locations in video games and the real world.

13 Patrons · When I have 13 patrons I will write and publish a list of the most frightening video games I have played.

30 Patrons · When I have 30 patrons I will purchase a TrackIR or similar infra-red head-tracking system and write a review. I will publish my settings file for public download once I have used the system for some time.

50 Patrons · When I have 50 patrons I will publish a guide to self-publishing on the internet using the same publishing system I use for hypertexthero.com.

89 · When I have 89 patrons I will buy a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing. I will write an article about the video game with stories about animals I have met in the real world.

100 Patrons · When I have 100 patrons I will purchase a VR headset and begin writing about playing video games in virtual reality as well as our regular “flat-land” games.

500 Patrons · My main goal is to have 500 patrons. With 500 patrons things I love doing like creating and publishing on the open web will become my life’s work, and I will publish my second and third books of photographs.

987 Patrons · 987 is my “stretch” goal. If I ever reach this I will need to wear a disguise when going outside. But wait, I already do in May 2020. So, why not? Setting my sights to the stars. If I get here I will publish an album of my own music.

If you would like to help me reach these goals you can become a patron of my work at https://www.patron.com/hypertexthero

Thank you for your consideration.

—Simon Griffee