Juice ➶

…the non-essential visual, audio & haptic effects that enhance the player’s experience.

I played 2 hours of the Far Cry 6 demo today, in Guerrilla difficulty, and my feeling at this point is that the gameplay lacks juice.

Two things I liked:

  • Intro cinematic video.
  • Sunlight effects.

Things I did not like:

  • Over-sensitive default mouse control.
  • Default field of view feels claustrophobic.
  • Sounds, especially weapons, lack punch. I thought the pistol was silenced when I first fired it.
  • Too much hand-holding of the player, like the blue spray-painted markers showing where to go next.
  • Writing and story feel forced.
  • Nothing happens when shooting lights.
  • Nothing happens when shooting coconuts.

The game world must acknowledge the player every time they perform an action. If the world ignores the player, the player won’t care about the world."

Ken Birdwell

I’ll try playing some more later, to find a scope for a rifle, at least, but for now the Diablo IV open beta is next, and things there are feeling more juicy already.

✶ Friday, 24 March 2023

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