New Day

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Today is a new day, a day that has never been, and will never be again. Early in the morning it is very still, and the birds all begin to sing, making a tapestry of sound in the twilight.

The sun rises and its rays light the space between the horizon and the cloud layer covering the rest of the sky, behind which they are soon diffused. In this short while the light warms your skin, and the green leaves of the plants in the room and on the tree outside the window glow brightly.

You have been thinking about broadcasting video game play on the internet. You would need to talk while playing and maybe film yourself so your face appears on the screen along with the game and the sound of your voice.

You’d do this to make money to buy food and pay for rent and other bills, and since you like playing video games anyway, why not try, you ask yourself.

A shy person, you were. Still are. You have learned to face other human beings, both strangers and people you know who you have relationships with, mirrors in which to better see and know yourself.

Does broadcasting to the world mean losing your solitude? Can you do this and still maintain a seclusion from company or observation? Have you not lost these already with websites on the internet? Will broadcasts be useful communication about the importance of play and of having a relationship with nature? Is there a word for something that looks like something else but is actually the real thing?

This last question came from a dream last night.

There are others.

Sunlight in the forest.

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