Remembering Leonardo da Vinci 500 Years After His Death

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A deluge drawing by Leonardo made on the end of his life.
A deluge, c.1517–18, by Leonardo da Vinci. Black chalk, pen and ink, wash. 16.2 × 20.3 cm (sheet of paper). RCIN 912380. Larger version at Wikimedia.

Taking a moment from current life flux to note that Leonardo da Vinci, a great human being, died 500 years ago on 1519 May 2nd.

His extraordinary powers of observation, his boundless curiosity, and his kindness, live on in our species’ memory.

Go get a copy of Walter Isaacson’s biography for a refreshing look at a life that taught and inspired, and continues to teach and inspire, so many, and take a moment today, and every day, to observe a tree or a leaf or a flower, a grain of sand or flowing water, a bird or a piece of paper in flight, the sun and clouds, moons and stars, the expression of a person sitting in front of you, or passing by, in light and shadow and time.

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