Discovered Technology Before Themselves ➶

Signal creator Moxie Marlinspike in a 2011 interview at Slashdot:

A friend of mine recently quipped “most people working in software discovered technology before they discovered themselves.” There are so many people in the industry working on projects without a real personal narrative as to why they’re doing them, other than the intrinsic feeling that solving technical problems is fulfilling. There is a whole entrepreneurial scene in the Bay Area right now; I can understand the draw of building things, but the level of self-seriousness that people bring to something like a “customer loyalty” startup baffles me. Honestly, it’s simply not true that this stuff is “changing the world,” so don’t be too concerned about missing out if you don’t jump in as quickly as you can.

Please, don’t spend your late teens or early twenties in front of your computer at a startup. If you’re a young person, I think the very best thing you could do is get together with a group of friends and commit to a one year experiment in which the substantial part of your life will be focused on discovery and not be dedicated to wage work – however that looks for you. Get an instrument, learn three chords, and go on tour; find a derelict boat and cross an ocean; hitchhike to Alaska; build a fleet of dirigibles; construct a UAV that will engage with the emerging local police UAVs; whatever – but make it count.

James Mickens would agree, and I think both would like Jiddu Krishnamurti.

✶ Monday, 18 May 2020

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