Goodbye, Mikhail Gorbachev ➶

I failed to post a link for another of the great leaders of human beings who passed recently, the courageous Mikhail Gorbachev.

Maciej Cegłowski, writing at HN:

Gorbachev secured his place in history by what he didn’t do. While never endorsing the end of the eastern bloc, he made it clear beginning in the late 1980’s that unlike his predecessors, he would not oppose democratic reforms in Eastern Europe by force. To general astonishment, he kept this promise, and with the regrettable exception of Lithuania this commitment to not repeating the crimes of his predecessors is Gorbachev’s greatest legacy. In 1988 you would have been hard pressed to find anyone who could imagine the mostly peaceful collapse of the Eastern Bloc, but Gorbachev had the moral courage to accept this once unimaginable consequence of his policy and to see it through.

✶ Saturday, 10 September 2022

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