Happy Star Trek Day ➶

Star Trek was first aired on September 8, 1966, so September 8th is Star Trek day! Thank you to TimmyThumb for letting me know!

I first watched the entirety of the original series in a friend’s basement during a hot summer in Tunis, Tunisia, when I was a teenager. An excellent show that touched the lives of many.

Here is an idea for a Star Trek video game that came to mind during today’s stream, focussing on some of the lesser-known crew members, the Redshirts:

Star Trek: Redshirt · Roguelike shooter where as a crew member of the original Enterprise, you are beamed down to “investigate” various dangerous planets, derelict space ships, and so on, and when you inevitably die, you start again from the beginning in different environments with randomized objectives.

If you manage to live to the end of a play-through, you win the game and are promoted to a yellow-attire wearing Lieutenant.

✶ Thursday, 8 September 2022

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